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Replacement Parts for Gott Stainless Steel Thermos Bottle

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I am searching for parts for a one quart Gott stainless steel Thermos Bottle. I would be willing to purchase the whole thing. This is such a good product. Does anyone know where I can find them?

Rowena from Keno, Oregon



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By Me08/22/2009 has replacements for a stanley that might work.

By Angela12/27/2008

I noticed this old thriftyfun thread.

It looks like it's been running for a couple of years but it's about GOTT bottles. Apparently they're no longer made but one of the threads claims that this company:

used to make them before rubbermaid bought the brand and discontinued it. One comment claimed they were able to get an adequate replacement part for their bottle even though the company didn't actually make it for that thermos. Anyway, hope that helps.

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