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Hair Dye on a Painted Wall

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How can I remove permanent hair dye from my painted wall?

Val from Canada



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By Lauren F.01/07/2014

Ajax utlra bathroom and Toothpaste, I saw it on another site when I was trying to get the dye off the floor last time I did my hair. It's also a good go to if you can't use bleach. Currently using it on my wall :/

By Katie7903/23/2012

I am about to leave my rented apartment and have been trying everything to get black hair dye off the cream walls in the bathroom. I tried everything, hairspray, nail polish remover, bleach, toilet cleaner, WD40, toothpaste and nothing would get it off.

Finally I found the Chux Magic Eraser in Cole's and problem solved! It gets it off without affecting the paint at all! If you're in Australia and looking for these they are in supermarkets near the Chux cloths. Hope this helps!

Katie, Brisbane

By Terri (Guest Post)02/17/2009

The bleach! Unbelievable vanished right before my very eyes. Thanks for the advise. Terri from Spokane, WA

By (Guest Post)01/17/2009

I just got hair dye on my wall, Im renting an all white of course I gotta get it off. I used bleach, and arm n hamer with oxy clean soap podwers, it worked easy!

By lizzy (Guest Post)01/12/2009

Why don't you try nail varnish remover on a cotton bud works every time for me!

By Jenn (Guest Post)01/12/2009

I've tried peroxide, didn't work. I tried bleach, didn't work. Hairspray, didn't work. Trying toothpaste right now, but so far everything I have tried will not get it off the wall. i might just have to buy a thing of paint and repaint it. The apartment would probably charge an arm and a leg for them to do it.

By Beau (Guest Post)12/31/2008

Man 2 Words tooth paste! Gets it straight off (:

By Courtney (Guest Post)12/14/2008

None of this worked for me.... ughh. I don't have vinegar or bleach, so maybe that might work, if i had it. My mom is going to strangle me. She said, don't get dye on the counters, so I get it on the wall! And I live in an apartment to make matters worse.

By JM (Guest Post)12/06/2008

i can;t believe it, toothpaste ultrabright extra white, wait for it to dry, then wipe it. Longer on there more effective.
Happy Holidays everyone.

By (Guest Post)11/05/2008

Confirmed - toilet bowl cleaner works! :)

By Tessa C. 15 (Guest Post)11/01/2008

Thanks 4 the advice! I tried hairspray. That was the best. I just melted the dye straight off, thank god! My mum would've killed me.

By Stephie (Guest Post)10/28/2008

Oh my gosh, I just got pink hair dye on my aunts new bathroom walls. They are painted a light cream colour and i don't know how to get it off.
Help me please !

By shakira (Guest Post)10/17/2008

Omg I just dyed my hair bright black and got it on the white walls. I put a little bit of clorox bleach and it all went away (it takes a few seconds for it to disappear!).

By boneyardpixie (Guest Post)11/08/2007

Thanks everyone. The bleach trick worked. I had the most awful black dye massacre.

By Debbie, KY (Guest Post)11/05/2007

I dyed my hair black natural color from blond and It squirted on the wall and i tried an magic eraser, kaboom, and I also tried the bleach and it took off a little bit of it but a lot of it is still on there. Thank you for all the suggestions.

By Dead meat (Guest Post)10/22/2007

Tried the bleach trick, unfortuately my walls weren't white-but they are now... IN SPOTS..Ugh my hubby is going to kill me.

Tip: don't use bleach on light gray walls.

By Violet (Guest Post)10/06/2007

I just dyed my hair black and I have no bleach. It got all over the walls of my bathroom. Is there anything else I can use that will take it off?

By Lindsey (Guest Post)10/02/2007

so i dyed my haie a very dark color, and the bottle flew out of my hand :) and it went EVERYWHERE i was so scared because it was on my walls && my mom told me not to dye my hair here now. So i was trying everything and finally i looked on here and saw the bleach! Thank you to whoever the genius is that discovered it because it works like an eraser!

By Cindy (Guest Post)07/07/2007

Thanks so much! I used this suggestion, but not on hair dye. I stained the kitchen wall when I bit into a cherry...strange but true. A Clorox Bleach Pen on Q-tip saved me and my rented apartment wall.

By Jeane Fillipitch06/22/2007

Straight bleach on a cotton ball worked beautifully for me. Thank You!!!!

By janice [61]05/01/2007

I have used the q-tip dipped in bleach and it worked. It took a couple secs to disappear, but now you cant tell it was there.

By Diana Albers [12]04/30/2007

I would try hairspray, it works on clothes, and don't see why it wouldn't work on walls.

By Heather [29]04/29/2007

Hey, hair dye freak here. I can't say it enough....LAVA SOAP!! Found at your local hardware store, buy the bar. I get hair dye EVERYWHERE every month: be it purple, red, pink or blue. It is very safe since it is made to wash your skin. I use it to get the dye off my skin, sink, counter, tub. I haven't gotten it on the wall yet. Good Luck to you!


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Hair Dye on a Painted Wall

I know someone out there would be able to answer this for me. I accidentally got red, permanent hair dye on a painted wall and need to know how to remove it. I have tried awesome and that didnt work. Please help me! Thank you in advance for your help and advice. I do not know what type of paint, we rent.

jmz2005 from illinois

RE: Hair Dye on a Painted Wall

You might try a paste of powdered bleach and water. Another solution to try might be a paste of RIT dye remover and water. Be sure to use gloves with both of these ideas. (04/11/2006)

By gcmom7

RE: Hair Dye on a Painted Wall

I just read another "dye on the wall" solution located on this same website. Try toilet bowl cleaner with a sponge. Said it took it out right of way. Hope this helps! (04/11/2006)

By gcmom7

RE: Hair Dye on a Painted Wall

Try plain, pure ammonia. It takes permanent dye out of my clothing when my hair dress makes a boo-boo. (04/11/2006)

By Sheryl

RE: Hair Dye on a Painted Wall

I took a q-tip with a little laundry bleach and dabbed it on, worked for me. (04/11/2006)

By DebV

RE: Hair Dye on a Painted Wall

My sons girlfriend died her hair purple at my house and got it all over the fixtures and bathroom door. We used peroxide on cotton balls and were able to get most all of the color off. After all they use peroxide to dye hair so I figured why not! (04/12/2006)

By Debbie

RE: Hair Dye on a Painted Wall

I used the toilet bowl cleaner which lightened the hair dye. Then I used Soft Scurb with bleach. Removed the stains instantly. (04/18/2007)

By Lori

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