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Keeping Dogs from Peeing on Hardwood Floor

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After I use SCOE 10X on my hardwood floors, what will keep my dogs from going back to the same spots to urinate (or poop too)?

By dog lover from St. Louis, MO


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By merlene smith [4]01/07/2011

Don't give your dogs free run of the house if they are not consistently housebroken. You may have to invest in (or borrow) crates. We have a rescue dog that even though housebroken continues to mark with urine. He was a totally outdoor running loose dog before. He has to wear a "bellyband" which is a male dog diaper of sorts.

By Karyn [31]01/07/2011

My dog use to always pee in the same place on the hardwood floors. Yet since I take her out every night for a long walk, she now does all her business outside. Just leaving the dog out in the back yard or on a leash is not enough.

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