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Symptoms After Parvo/Distemper Shot

My Chihuahua Pup

My Chihuahua Pup

My 4 month old chihuahua just got the Parvo/Distemper shot and is now sick, do you think she has Parvo? She isn't throwing up, but she has stopped eating and has yellow diarrhea. We are on day 3 now from the shot, day 2 of diarrhea and day 2 of no eating. I'm able to keep fluids in her and I'm forcing pedialyte down her. Should I try the bleach mixture trick I'm reading about? She isn't wanting to move now and it's scaring me. She is my baby and I love her so much. She seems so tired and depressed. I have needles and saline in case I have to start injecting her. But as long as she isn't throwing up, she is absorbing. Right?

Shannon from Orland, CA

Editor's Note: Please call the vet that administered the shots.



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By Irate 1 01/13/2012 Flag

I took my dog to vet to get a rabies shot. While there got parvo and distemper first time ever taken dog get shots before, only thing vet ask how is she doing, age and thats really it, nothing else. Gave one shot right side neck under skin and other shot other side under skin dog is with me 24/7 is great dog lively, 2 days after shot took nap 30 min woke up totally different do. Can't walk, doesn't want to move, and yelps when I try to pick her up. No puke or poop yet, and no eating so on feeding it liquid this syringe and now yogurts

Took her back to vet the next day and told them what going on. They said it is not because of the shot. Think she might have injured her neck maybe a disc. I am like huh? This is impossible It didn't happen. Anyways doc came in gave her shot of amoxacillin and a pain killer and something else. He was very fast about it, and spent more time asking me what I do for living.

Anyways told me call anything else wrong. I left and got like 2 miles away. The dog puked on my seat, got home puked again has puked 4 times in like 5 hours. I called them said the med reaction on empty stomach feed her what ever she will eat table scraps anything she has free pass today.

What do I do? I know how shady this all is and wanna just storm in there. I am not paying for the 2nd vist to the office. They didn't say anything about a bill when I left. Usually have to pay before I leave. Not sure what going on with that and this point not happy about any thing. I didn't know my 1 year old and a few months shouldn't get 3 shot once and a list of other things. What can I do? Who do I call? Where do I report this? Should I get a lawyer? Have feeling my dog not going to make it. She doesn't wanna move. I have no idea what to do. Sigh, got this dog when I got home from Iraq; only thing makes me happy, lol. Sounds strange but that little dog has done more for me in last year than I can explain. No idea what to do, will she pull through this?

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By Jeanette_70 1 07/12/2012 Flag

Hello I as well had a very bad out come. I had a litter that was very healthy happy pups running around playing eating drinking so forth the day my vet gave them all their first puppy shot at 6 weeks old they was very active out of all the pups only two screamed with the shot.

Needless to say the next day they did not want to eat would drink very little by the next day they would not eat or drink and could not move at all and I lost both pups late that night. I was and am very upset over this matter. I am sorry but I know the shots had something to do with their death. But I am like you how do you report it or do any thing about it.

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By Ricky M. 1 05/15/2014 Flag

The same thing happened to my dog just days ago. Gave him the parvo shot I bought from the feed store. 24 hours later, he had diarrhea. 48 hours later, vomiting and diarrhea. Today, the diarrhea is beginning to clear up and solidify, and the vomiting has stopped.

You have to remember, the Parvo vaccine contains dead OR LIVE (but damaged) Parvo virus.

Some vaccines contain more injured parvo viruses than others, and allowing the vaccine to reach room temperature like I did does not good, as it allows the viruses the time to become active.

It's not an allergic reaction, what your dog is experiencing is a very MILD case of Parvo brought on by the vaccine.

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Archive: Symptoms After Parvo/Distemper Shot

My 4 month old chihuahua just got the Parvo/Distemper shot and is now sick, do you think she has Parvo? She isn't throwing up, but she has stopped eating and has yellow diarrhea.

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