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Skeleton Deviled Eggs

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Photo of skull deviled eggs.

Something fun around the Halloween/Day of the Dead.


  • deviled eggs recipe
  • various size straws


Hard boil eggs. Use straws to "punch out" eyes, nose teeth in egg white, then either serve them as hard boiled eggs, or cut in half and make deviled egg mix to fill them and close them back up! Just something fun and cute for the table around Halloween time!

By AHA! from Sterling, PA


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By Annie Rios Hill [12]11/18/2009

Cute idea for the Dia de los muertos
Day of the Dead
and of course Halloween. That is so creative and neat.

By Melony Watkins11/17/2009

That is one of the most creative ways to do deviled eggs I have ever seen. I don't know if I would have the patience but great job!


Cute idea for simple hard boiled eggs! Will keep in mind for next Halloween :-)

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