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Online Advent Calendars

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There are a lot of sites on the internet that have online advent calendars and a few sites with printables to make your own.

Information about Advent Calendars

Here's the history of advent calendars with a link at the bottom to the Advent Calendar Museum:

History of Advent Calendars

Online Advent Calendars

Here are online Advent Calendars which your kids or grandkids might like:

Make Your Own Advent Calendar

This is an Advent Calendar that you can download .pdf files and print out:

And another one to make:

This one has pockets to put small toys or candies in to sew:

If you have any good instructions or sites about Advent Calendars, please leave them in the feedback.



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By Barbarisa (Guest Post)11/28/2008
Personalized Online Advent Calendar. Free.
You can upload your own fotos and messages for each window.
It is also possible to download a PDF to print.

RE: Online Advent Calendars

By ED05 (Guest Post)12/05/2005

Electric December 2005, Watershed digital media centres widely acclaimed online digital advent calendar, which is now live at offering a new and totally unique digital present including short films, games, animations and music every day from 1 Dec - counting you down to Christmas.

RE: Online Advent Calendars

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