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I just had a graduation party with a library/book theme, since I recently received my Master of Library Science. I carried the theme the whole way through with a date due card as my invitation, stacks of books as centerpieces, a cake in the shape of a book and bookmarks as favors.

Everything went very well, but now I am stuck on what to use for a thank you card. I want my thank you cards to have the book/library theme, but I can not think of anything unique. Please help. I appreciate any ideas you may have. Thank you.

By librarylady


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By Lisa 2 131 05/20/2009

How about thank you cards containing quotes from famous authors or literary characters? Congratulations on your great achievement!

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By Cassandra 05/20/2009

Go have a picture taken of yourself in front of a library or in the library with stacks of books all around. To have fun with the picture hug books or kiss them even! Take the picture you like best and either have it made into cards or get do-it-yourself cards and stick photos on with double stick tape.

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By Dana Thompson 05/21/2009

Go to a thrift store and get a book - a novel. Tear up the pages and make a collage of the torn pieces on the cover of a thank you card. They can be random pieces overlapping every which way. Congrats!

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By Vicki W Huehner 1 7 05/27/2009

What about using a card from the card catalogue, making the thank you note resemble the listing for a book?

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By Paulette Gulakowski 7 178 05/27/2009

What about making a card in the design of a dust jacket with an appropriate title etc. Maybe you could scan one, shrink it and print it out and put your thanks inside. Or you could incorporate the computer reference side of libraries somehow - maybe like a wikipedia entry?

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By Lelia Jo Cordell 51 1,936 05/28/2009

Tear up a book? Sacrilege! I like the idea of creating an old-fashioned looking library card - not the "date due" card, but like what we used to carry and show the librarian. Of course, yours would have to be over sized. I also like the rest of the ideas posted. I'll add my congrats to the rest. btw, you're living the life I wanted when I was 12, lol!

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By Mary Koehler 8 270 05/29/2009

I would go to Google Images and copy picture of books, (there are many different objects to copy) make my own thank you notes, and include a purchased Bool Mark in it. There are many cute book marks on the market, or maybe you can make one and laminate it.

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