Fluorescent Light With New Bulbs Does Not Turn On


My kitchen fluorescent light would not come on. I replaced both tubes and it worked fine. I turned it off that night, and the next morning it would not come on again. I can take the tubes out and put them back in, and they will burn until I turn the light off, and then they will not come on again. Any idea what is wrong?

By Cahem from TX


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By Melanie Jackson 1 373 10/12/2010

If it's an older fluorescent light, it might be the starter that's the problem. It's a cylindrical-shaped thing inside the light, and you can see what it is and what it does here:


You can replace the starter, just as you could replace a bulb. I need to do this, myself, because my light's starter is buzzing annoyingly as it warms up.

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By Roseanna 79 10/13/2010

Something similar happend to my fluorescent light when I bought my house and it was the ballast that needed to be replaced. Not sure if it is the same as a starter but once it was replaced, never had a problem again.

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By Louise B. 6 2,508 10/13/2010

When I worked in a school, the janitor often had to replace the ballast to get the lights to work properly. This is likely your problem. Check out the website WildIrish suggests, as it is not hard to do, based on watching the janitor do it!

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I also recommend changing the starter and especially before spending extra money for a new fixture. A starter is a small part that is very inexpensive. Go to a hardware store and ask to speak to someone who will explain how to change it. If the starter turns out to not be the problem you can always return it with it's original packaging.

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