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Sunken Spots in Pillow-Top Mattress


I have a pillow-top mattress that is 3 yrs. old. It has sunken spots where we lay, but it cannot be turned over. Is there a remedy for this, or do I have to buy another mattress?

By Vguy from Earle, AR


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By metroplex 82 416 04/20/2009 Flag

We have the same problem.

We bought a foam sheet that's about 2-3" high from Bed Bath and Beyond. They come in whatever size bed your have. They have a website and I think (sorry I'm not positive) it's: But if you google Bed Bath and Beyond the site will come up.

Put the foam sheet over the pillow top part.
Then cover with a mattress pad.
Then make your bed as usual.

You can also flip the foam if it gets 'body bumps' on it, but we've found that the foam holds up.

We've found that this has done the trick! Hope it works for you too.

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By Louise B. 6 2,509 04/25/2009 Flag

You can also swap the mattress end for end, and that may help. That is what I do with mine.

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By pam 3 30 04/25/2009 Flag

We have a Sealy mattress like the one you described ~ pillow top and cannot be turned over. It has a 10 year warranty. After 3 years, we had to have it replaced. After another 2 years, it's due to be replaced again. Switching end to end doesn't just swaps DHs sunken spot with mine. I have a memory foam mattress pad on it and additional foam over the sunken spots. It helps a little, but I shouldn't have to be bothered. I'll never buy this kind of mattress again.

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By Polly Levesque 28 28 04/25/2009 Flag

Mine started to cave in within the first month, and despite the store's guarantee, they wouldn't replace it (long story). In pure desperation stemming from a lack of funds to replace it, I took an afghan and folded it up just so it covered the crater where I sleep. It's done a pretty good job. The depression is on both sides after switching it side-to-side, so this has been my solution. Spread the afghan or blanket out a bit so that there isn't a big bump on the edges, which are equally uncomfortable.

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