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Staying on Medicaid After Marriage

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Marriage after Medicaid in Florida: My fiance and I are engaged when we found out I am expecting. I chose to get on Medicaid since I work part time and job doesn't provide health insurance and we did not have a date set for marriage. He wanted to get me on his insurance but could not be done because we are not married. I did get Medicaid and WIC.

I wanted to know if I would be penalized in some way, by staying on Medicaid after marriage. Would they check on that later in the state of Florida or not? I couldn't find anything on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Terri from Florida



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By Paul12/22/2010

Everyone told me and my current wife to not get married and we can get WIC , medicaid , everything easier. This was not further from the truth. It was still just as a pain to get all these things and I still had to include my income. WIC only amounts to about $20 a month in food. Hardly enough to feed anyone and would starve if we depended on it , so it was more trouble than it was worth.

And for FatBoySlim and all you other piece of turd republicans, you no longer have the right to complain about Big Gov spending, because you have just decided that the rich no longer need to pay taxes. For the people who actually do pay taxes in this country , the poor, and small business, who republicans are screwing deserve all the assistance they can get, because it's what our taxes pay for not yours .

By Frances Adams [11]05/11/2009

I wonder: People think that 'government aid' comes from the government. Where do they think the government gets that money from? It comes from the people that choose to work, pay taxes, and limit the sizes of their families, and the number of children they have, to what they can afford.
While you are contemplating all of this, put yourself in the taxpayers shoes. How would you feel reading the original post? Would you like knowing that people are wondering how they can extend the period of time that they get government aid?

By sandy [63]01/20/2009

I live right at the poverty line. I don't get medicaid or food stamps. It gets me when I see married folks with kids going and buying the new tvs and going out to eat and they are on medicaide. These are friends mind you so I know what is going on.

By denise w (Guest Post)01/15/2009

Yes, they will cut your food stamps and make your boyfriend get info from his boss, but they will not take medicade away. I lived in FL and had 3 children on medicade and as long as your honest with them, he will not have to pay it back. Unless hes a very very well off guy, or if not working, they'll make him get a job which wouldn't hurt anyway, so honesty is the best policy.

By Mary (Guest Post)01/08/2009

Don't know about Nedicaid, but I was pregnant when I switched from my insurance to my husbands and they took me, I was concerned as being flagged as a "pre existing condition" so I called and asked lots of questions. You need to get on the phone and get married and make it happen! Good luck.

By Caryn (Guest Post)01/06/2009

I don't know about Florida but here in MA as long as you are pregnant you would be covered by his insurance because they're taking care of the baby. And the baby would be covered as soon as he or she is born. Definitely look into that.

By dede smith [17]01/02/2009

WIC kept me on six months after a miscarriage, I believe they treat you as an individual from the git-go, and any increase in financial aspect is ok. MedicAid will keep you on but becomes a secondary insurance. A supplement to your New Insurance policy.

By dede smith [17]01/02/2009

WIC kept me on six months after a miscarriage, I believe they treat you as an individual from the git-go, and any increase in financial aspect is ok. MedicAid will keep you on but becomes a secondary insurance. A supplement to your New Insurance policy.

By Renee (Guest Post)01/01/2009

Puerto Rico is not another country. Puerto Ricans are American citizens.

By Kristy01/01/2009

I was on medicaid and Wic while I was married and preg. Wic will help you with milk cheese and eggs and a few other things then they will help with the formula when the baby is born or they will change your couchers to give you more things if your breast feeding. Also I was able to be on medicaid while I was preg cause they go off of income. now if your boyfriend makes to much that will hurt you but you have to remember they will go off of whoever is living in the house weather your married or not.

By cherie01/01/2009

my advice, dont get married.. let medicaid pay for the cost of the can qualify for so much help as long as the two of you dont get married..maybe later when the baby gets older and your on your feet and you love each other then get dont need a piece of paper to prove you love each other..


For the sake of your baby's health just wait until after your baby's birth to get married and maybe even for a year after if necessary. Although untimely, what has happened has happened and you both need to think of your little one having a good and healthy beginning. Commitment to each other in the heart is much more important than a hastily signed piece of paper in order to be/appear proper.

After the birth, should you plan to marry right away, you will need to find out how long it will be before your baby is covered on his policy. Talk to your case worker now and in the future honestly about your complete situation and questions. Weigh the options carefully before making a decision.

By Cyinda [214]12/31/2008

I've been in a similar position in the distant past. If I were you, I'd not get married until the baby was born... This way your Medicaid will still pay for it. You'll have to call legal aid, but the state may still make him pay for the delivery (the Medicaid) as part of his child support responsibility... In my state (Washington) back in the 1970's the only way to get around that was to say you didn't know who the father of the baby was... But that's no longer possible because of mandatory DNA tests. My choice was to get married & drop off Medicaid, but then I ended up with no insurance, so I had the baby at home with a midwife. But as good as the delivery went, I think I was stupid to jump into the marriage just because I was pregnant!

As far as his insurance... You'll have to check, but there's usually a lag time & a "pre-existing condition" exemption... You may not be eligible for his insurance even if you're married, at least not right away... I remember when I worked for Boeing, I worked with a guy who's wife was PG & the delivery wasn't covered until after he'd worked there a certain amount of time, they also considered the pregnancy a pre-existing condition so his health insurance wouldn't pay for it, & believe me when I say our health insurance was the very best you could get!

As far as the state finding out... If you get married & don't tell them & continue to stay on Medicaid, eventually they very well might find out & then you'd have to pay back more that the delivery (usually) 200 % of what you've "stolen" by not telling the truth... My suggestion, If getting married is really THAT important to you, (& if you have the bucks) you could get married in another country (like Puerto Rico, Canada, Virgin Islands, etc) & it would be legal, then not file the marriage in the U.S. until later after the baby is born & then you should drop off of Medicare. This way your family & his would accept you as married, but it wouldn't be legal (in the U.S.A.) until you filedthe paperwork...

Another idea since I bet you couldn't afford that, you could do what gay couples do & have a "Commitment Ceremony" & then later on have a courthouse wedding... You may even be able to change your name to his for around $75, or so... Used to be it was easier to change your name, but now after 9-11, it's not as easy.

You may be able to get away with "bending" the truth, but don't outright lie to the government, it's not worth the cost! ... Just call legal aid & ask them these questions & do yourself a favor, don't drop off of Medicaid before you find out if his insurance will cover the baby (you need good prenatal care)... His insurance should cover it, because it's his baby too... But, I kinda doubt it. (married or not) because you were PG before you were married... But you had better find out right away, because IF they will cover it, there may be a 3 month waiting period! Then if you do want his insurance, you'll have to get married as soon as possible. (remember, you can do a court-house marriage then do a big wedding or a fancy reception later on)

By Keeper [57]12/31/2008

You received Medicaid based on your income.Marriage and his income will change that.Don't hope you won't get caught because if you do you'll either have to pay monies back and or they can prosecute.God Bless.

By Ariela [33]12/31/2008

I think the baby can get medicare serviced and WIC until it reaches the age of one year, as long as you fall with income limits. But that may not be the case for you. You can call the state help line to ask this.. but I'm not sure of the number. Once you marry increase in income must be reported.. other wise it may considered fraud, and other illegalities. Be careful. Call your case worker and ask all these questions. Good luck. And happy baby to you :)

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