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Cleaning Sticky Residue from a Mirror

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Cleaning sticky residue from a mirror can be trying. This is a guide about cleaning sticky residue from a mirror.



Here are questions related to Cleaning Sticky Residue from a Mirror.

Question: Tape Residue on Mirrored Wall

Any idea how to remove scotch tape residue from a mirrored wall?

Kris from Randolph, MA


Most Recent Answer

By Tammy [9]03/10/2009

Plain old rubbing alcohol works great. I use cotton balls & just rub it away.

Question: Removing Sticky Label Residue from a Mirror

I bought a large wall mirror and after removing the label there's a sticky residue that I can't take off. I tried alcohol and nail polish remover. Thanks

By Letty


Most Recent Answer

By Cynthia06/27/2011

Try GooBGone. Works for me.

Question: Cleaning Sticky Residue from a Mirror

How do I clean tape residue off mirrors? Tape was used on the mirrors in china cabinet. The tape was removed, but residue remains.

By Joyce

Most Recent Answer

By Sandy [8]07/21/2010

Try using a dryer sheet. It will clean the sticky gunk left by fabric softener in your washer. And I used it to clean gum stuck inside the drum of my dryer. It might work on your mirror. Worth a try!

Solutions: Cleaning Sticky Residue from a Mirror

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