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Keeping Clothes Smelling Fresh While Traveling


I am going for a long vacation with a lot of traveling and my clothes will be mostly in a suitcase. I want to know how to keep the clothes smelling good.

By Bosy C. from Hatfield, PA


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By OliveOyl 602 03/23/2010

Put in some dryer fabric softener sheets.

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By Cricket 205 896 03/25/2010

Along with the dryer softener sheets that OliveOyl suggested, anytime you will be somewhere more than 24 hours, bring out all your clothes and hang them up around your room for a couple of hours. You can even take your hair dryer and blow them for a minute or two. This will help to air them out.

For your shoes and slippers, sprinkle a little baby powder into each one, then place a softener sheet inside each one. Also, pack a separate bag that you can use specifically for dirty clothes. Other than that, have fun!

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By cettina 78 392 03/26/2010

Would it be possible for you to take a bottle of febreze spray with you? You could take out the clothes periodically and hang them up if you can, and give them a spray with febreze. That should surely freshen them up.

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By cdoss 13 112 03/30/2010

Take a separate bag, or if that's not possible, some large zip lock type bags to put dirty socks/undies/etc. in until they can be washed. Putting dirty items back in the same suitcase in an differnt pocket still lets the smell get on the clean clothes!

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