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Styrofoam Ball Ornament Ideas


I want to know what kind of Christmas ornaments I can make out of a styrofoam ball for my school.

Victoria from Big Stone Gap


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By Michele (Guest Post) 11/30/2006

You can use joint compound on them and make 'snowballs'. You can decouapge tissue paper on to them and use as an ornament...any color or mulitiple colors. You can go to and type in 'styrofoam ball ornaments' and get lots of hits.
Good luck.

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By Mairmie (Guest Post) 12/01/2006

Take small(1 or 2") pieces of randomly cut fabric scraps. With the sharp end of a fingernail file; go around the fabric;gently pushing it into the styrofoam. Put another piece butted against the first. Continue until the ball is covered. Place a loop of ribbon (attached with a straightpin) for hanging. Remember to cut or tear the fabric in random size/shape pieces. Using reds, greens and also scraps of Christmas prints makes these "Patchwork Christmas ornaments " very pretty. Bits of velvel,lace, or brocade makes very elegant ornaments done this way.

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By cas (Guest Post) 12/01/2006

how about celophane in bright colors and some ribbon? wrap around and make them look like giant pieces of candy

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By (Guest Post) 12/02/2006

My Mom and friends and I also made the patchwork and decoupage ornaments mentioned above and I still have them after all these years and treasure them. Try em.

You can also poke two tiny holes in an egg and blow out the yolk and use them the same way. (have to wash them out and do this before the kids for safety).

Another cute idea for the styrofoam is to make Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus faces using red felt and cotton . YOu can paint or draw or decoupage the facial features and add wire rim glasses. Or, you could stack them and make snowmen and women. Add popsicle sticks to the bottom for skis. Cloth for scarves. Dip in white glitter for that frosty look. etc.

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By Morgan (Guest Post) 12/05/2006

ive got one i made a few years ago using mini marshmallows, red sequins and straight pins. put a sequin on a straight pin, push it through the end of a marshmallow, and stick it in your styrofoam. once you cover it completely, you can use another pin to attach some ribbon or string to hang it. they last for much longer then you'd expect too.

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By Kay E. Diebel 6 12/07/2006

I have one that uses pins thru little plastic beads. and on the top is a "scene" glued on, with plastic animals and trees.

I would just use the beads* in different colors making designs - make a ring, 2-3 beads wide, around the center in 1 color, use another color next to it on both top and bottom. Use the first color, then the second, alternating til the ball is covered.

Make bands in a zigzag /\/\/\/\ as with the rings

Place circles [like polka dots] around the ball, then fill in with a background color.

Make whatever design you want, and fill in the background.

You can make the colors, and designs, you want, and they'll last for years.

You can cover the ball with sequins and either large beads in place of the marshmallows, or small beads in the center of the sequin, Either in the same color or a different color.

*Use sequins to make your patterns, in place of the beads, it will be cheaper.


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By Lulu (Guest Post) 12/07/2007

Randomly wrap with ribbon like an elastic band ball until it is covered and tie a big bow at the top.

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By Rachel (Guest Post) 11/28/2008

This is my favorite hobby. I have containers of sequins and beads that are organized by color and size. I take old costume jewelry apart, and use the large jewels, etc. for the "center" of the ornament. I also find everyday "junk", spray paint it a vibrant color, and tack it on. (such as old keys). I hope this helped!

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By SEWINGLANE (Guest Post) 01/23/2009

I would like to make styofoam ornament usiing squares of folded fabric. Made them many years ago with my daughter's girlscout troop. Would now like to teach my granddaughter. Does anyone have the instructions. Thanks

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