Removing Spray Nozzles from Perfume Bottles


How do you remove the spray nozzles on perfume bottles. I'd like to transfer the perfume into smaller bottles. I heard it could be done but I just forgot how. I'm having a hard time spraying the fragrances into the bottles and the funnel that I have seems to be too big for the hole of the atomizer.

Charmaine from Philippines


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By Sharon (Guest Post) 09/09/2006

Are you also wanting to remove the top of the perfume bottle?...I would like to know the method for removing the metal top of the bottle... where the "sprayer" fits into...

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By Theresa (Guest Post) 10/06/2007

I got the top and nozzle off of an older, discontinued Mary Kay Premonition bottle with a butter knife and Cutco scissors. I had to cut the plastic casing off and then used the sciessors (as pliers) to work the metal nozzle cap off.

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By Liliana 1 01/26/2009

A bottle of perfume with spray nozzles is consumed faster than the perfume from a bottle with stopper, even if you do not use it. You can try to see. Once you have used ,the perfume, put a sign and let a little perfume bottle a week or two to see how the drops perfume so without touching. Perfume is evaporated without you realize. I almost got mad at my sister several years ago when I saw that disappeared from my perfume bottle. Then I read and I found that it always happens to spray bottles nozzles!
So I would advise you to buy perfumes in bottles with a stopper!

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By Karen (Guest Post) 01/26/2009

This doesn't answer your question, but in agreement with Hanuka. I had 3 spray bottles of cologne on my dresser top. One day I realized that there were three circles embedded into the wood of my dresser. Apparently through evaporation, or after spraying their was enough of the cologne left on the bottles to run down onto the dresser top. Now I always put my cologne bottles in a pretty shallow bowl before setting them on the dresser top.

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