How Can I Make Septic Safe Personal Bathroom Wipes?


I would like to know how to make septic safe personal bathroom wipes.

By Sharon from Sprakers, NY


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By Jill 4 738 04/20/2011

Someone will probably have a "recipe", but here is some food for thought.

I also love the wipes, there is a package of baby wipes in every bathroom I use; and my baby is nineteen! One thing I love, is that they're thick and sturdy. Any paper product you might find that would be somewhat septic safe would lose the sturdiness factor once wet because what makes them septic-safe is their ability to break down when wet.

The second consideration is the extra "load" on your septic system caused by the wipes. Any septic owner knows that the less solids flushed, the better! That means no kitchen garbage disposal, no feminine products, and as little paper as possible.

So, you may find a wipes recipe, but you may still be better off with baby wipes!

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By SHARON 2 6 04/21/2011

Thanks for your reply. I just find it kinda gross to throw them in the trash can. I guess I should prob deal with it though.

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By Heather 36 04/21/2011

Baby wipes are just as bad... ask any plumber & they'll tell ya tampons and wipes are the major reasons for septic backup. I really don't have an answer. Like the previous poster stated, most tissue is able to break down when wet, and there in lies the problem! Perhaps look into getting one of those fancy Bidets like in Europe. Or, kick it old school (before wipes) and use rags. Keep a bucket of bleach water under the sink and place used rags in there. Gross by today's standards, but at least your toilet would be safe! Good luck!

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By Leigh 18 63 04/25/2011

Why is it so hard to dispose of baby wipes? I have a septic too, and when I use a baby wipe I wrap it in a plastic bag. I don't buy bags, I just save every plastic bag I get, from shopping trips, bread, paper goods, etc. The smell does not get through and it's discreet. If the bags are too big or too long, I cut them down and tie off one end. Simple. Easy. Thrifty!

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