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Fabric Kitchen Angel


Hang this sweet angel on your fridge. Make her using your favorite fabrics. Finished angel.

Approximate Time: 20 minutes


  • 1 lightweight face cloth
  • thin and fancy ribbon
  • wire edged ribbon, 1-2 inch wide
  • 2 small elastics
  • 2 pieces fabric cut to fit each edge of cloth
  • 1 flower
  • heavy duty magnet disc
  • hot glue

Suppies, ribbon and terry cloth.


  1. Choose a fabric you like that matches the color face cloth you are using. Cut 2 pieces so they can be sewn over opposite edges of face cloth.
  2. Fold the fabric over the end of the face cloth and stitch in place. Repeat on opposite side.
  3. Sew fabric to face cloth.

  4. Fold like an accordion with the fabric edges out. Fold over the cloth and secure a head shape using an elastic leaving about 2 inches for the head. Take a piece of fancy ribbon and tie a bow around her neck covering the elastic.
  5. Fold like an accordion.

  6. Secure another elastic around her waist about 2 inches down from the neck. Take 2 pieces of thin ribbon and tie around the waist over the elastic. Let the ends hang down. Hot glue a flower at her waist.
  7. Ribbon around waist and neck.

  8. Shape the wire edged ribbon into a bow resembling wings (see pic). Hot glue to her back then hot glue a magnet to the wings. You may need to attach a second magnet further down her dress if she is too heavy.
  9. Ribbon wings.

Hang on fridge.

If giving as a gift you can attach a small card with a piece of matching ribbon that reads:

"An Angel in the kitchen
Watching over the stew
Blesses your cooking
And all that you do"

By Myst from Muncie, IN


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