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Getting the Yellow Out of Grey Hair

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What can you do for grey hair that is starting to yellow?

By Velma


Recent Answers

Here are the recent answer to this question.

By Nell [1]08/27/2010

I use yellow out. You can buy it at a beauty supply store. If that do not work use Shimmering Light, but don't leave it on more than four or five minuetes or it will leave you hair purple.

By Susan [8]08/25/2010

You can also use a couple of drops of Mrs. Stewart's Bluing which is used to brighten whites in the washing machine. Just add it to your normal shampoo. My husband's grey hair started yellowing this summer from being in the sun. I have also used the generic brand of Shimmering Lights from Sally's. I too am a blonde but a bottle blonde and I use a couple of drops of a purple solution I buy at Sally's to put in my hair color to prevent brassiness.
I have never been able to find the "purple shampoo" as I call it except at Sally's. I sell Avon and they used to carry it, but don't anymore.

By Anonymous [848]08/24/2010

Use a bluing shampoo and/or conditioner as already recommended. A clarifying shampoo once or twice a week will help greatly to remove chemical buildup too :-) Sometimes medications will yellow hair but a lot of times it can be caused from the environment from bad air quality (smog) and, of course, smoking or being around the smoke from other people smoking around you.

By Judy = Oklahoma [57]08/24/2010

Do you smoke? The nicotene will make your hair yellow. My mom had the prettiest silver & white hair when she stopped smoking for awhile & it went right back to nicotene yellow when she started smoking again!

By Beverly08/24/2010

There is a shampoo/conditioner called Pure Blonde. It is in a tube and looks purple but does not color your hair purple.

I think I got it at a hair supply store. My hairdresser recommended it and it does the job.

By Sheilah Link [5]08/23/2010

Silver Fox shampoo works well also. Pantene had one for extremely bleached hair that left beautiful silver highlights.

By Litter Gitter [91]08/21/2010

I use Generic Conditioning Shampoo from Sally's. Compare it to: Clairol Shimmer Lights Original Conditioning Shampoo. Takes away the yellow. Adds sparkle and shine. So the bottle says. I use it once a week and it keeps my gray hair from getting dull. Works for me.


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Archive: Getting the Yellow Out of Grey Hair

What can I use in my grey hair to get the yellow out?

By Jim from Australia

RE: Getting the Yellow Out of Grey Hair

What is causing the yellow? My grandfather had a yellow streak in his hair from running his nicotine stained hand through his hair; when he quit smoking, he had lovely white hair.

However, I believe if you just go browse in a drug store where they sell hair coloring products, you will find one that is for enhancing the color of grey/white hair. I don't know if there are products "just for men" for this, but there certainly is for ladies. Buy that. Read the labels, and you should find what you want. I can't recommend a brand or specific product as I am still camouflaging the grey into blond! (04/22/2010)

By louel53

RE: Getting the Yellow Out of Grey Hair

It could be nicotine but it could also be your water or medications. Use a clarifying shampoo and there is a rinse you can get at beauty supply stores called "Roux Fanciful Rinse". The color you want to use is "Ultra White Minx" (do not rinse that out and if you use conditioner use it after you rinse out the conditioner). As a retired hairstylist after 35 years I promise it will help ;-) (04/22/2010)

By Deeli

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