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Uses for Old Socks


Does any one know any great crafts to do with old worn out socks?

Wendy-Lou from Chilcotin, British Columbia



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By Ceci 1 03/30/2011


1. ipod case: cut off the foot of the sock and keep the tube. sew the bottom of the tube closed, and fold down the top until the ipod almost can be seen.
2. scarf: use the tube of the sock as a scarf. Either sew multiple tubes together or cut the tube and sew the fabric together for a scarf.
3. bouquet of roses: Attach lace to the bottom of a sock. Roll like a burrito and slide onto a skewer. tape for extra security.
4. cat toy: put catnip in the toe of a sock and tie a ribbon or rubber band around the top to seal it. make sure the bag isn't opened by your lucky feline friend!
5. smell sachet: put your favorite scents into an ankle socks. Tie a ribbon around the top and insert into a smelly place or a closet, mmmm.
6. scrunch: cut an ankle sock into strips. Tie the strips to a thick pony you don't use normally.
7. sock buddy: fill a tube sock with polyfill or cotton balls that are stretched out. Make a knob in the corner of the sock and tie string around it. Repeat on the other bottom corner. go up and mark the middle of the sock and tie two knobs and the rest of the inside stuffing material. then tie the top of the head. draw a face and add hair if you wish.
8. coin purse: Open sock. Add coins. Tie a ribbon on the top and voila!
9. stress ball: roll into a ball and squeeze
10. hand warmers: Microwave and slip over your hands. Ahhhhh...
11. dog toy: slip a rolled sock into another sock's toe and rubberband. To use, throw the toy by the tube of the sock.
12. doll pillow: Stuff other socks into a pretty sock and tie closed. Instant pillw!
13. weights: put heavy rooks into two socks. Use them as anything from dumbbells to balloon weights!
14. burn protector: use the tube of a sock to slide over a hot mug of hot chocolate or coffee.
15. coaster: Put a drink onto a flattened sock to save harmless wooded tables.
16. bookmark: keep your place your favorite book by placing a sock in your place in your book.
17. soapy clean: put slivers of soap from an old soap bar into a thinning sock. Perfect way to clean yourself in the shower.

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By tricia minter 24 47 01/07/2014

I use old socks to hold my Christmas ornaments. They help keep them from being scratched & getting broken.

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Does any one know any great crafts to do with old worn out socks?

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