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Clean the Dishwasher with Tang

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To remove gunk from your dishwasher, pour a cup of Tang into the soap dispenser and run it through a cycle.

By Sandy from Elon, NC



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By Heather (Guest Post)10/04/2008

The Tang works wonders removing the lime buildup from hard water. The citric acid in Tang (and I'm guessing in the Kool-Aid) dissolves the lime. Nothing to be scared of. Citric acid is anything made from/tastes like citrus fruit.

By Judi [17]07/28/2008

That sounds kind of scary to me...what's in kool aid and Tang that cleans better than the regular detergent we use? Sort of makes me wonder what it's doing to the insides of the millions of kids who drink it every day.

By Julia (Guest Post)07/23/2008

Tang works just fine, but so does a package of Lime Kool Aid. Not the sugared one...just the plain old KoolAid. Probably the other flavors of KoolAde work too, but we love the freshness of the lime fragrance.


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