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Substitute Wall Christmas Tree

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One year I was unable to go to the Christmas Tree Farm with my children due to a broken foot. So I took long lengths of green garland and used it to zig zag a Christmas tree shape on the wall above a small bookcase. I used small hooked picture hangers to support the garland at the points of the branches and zig zags.

I was able to hang all of the family's favorite ornaments, even the heavy clay ones that young children sometimes make at school. I cleared out the bookcase and used the shelves to hold the gifts. Large gifts went on the floor in front of the bookcase.

That tree is still one of my favorites ever, and I was able to do it all with what I already had in the house, so it was frugal, too!

By fsgarst from Boston, MA


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By Su [1]11/29/2010

I love this idea! It's simply and frugal and so much less messy than even an artificial tree! You took your misfortune in hand and devised something that turned out better than if you'd had every imaginable resource available to you! Ain't life grand? Merry Christmas!

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