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Tool Bar for MS Word Disappeared

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I have Microsoft Word. The bar across the top of the document page used to have buttons for adding bold, italics, changing font, changing font size. This has disappeared.

The Help feature refuses to recognize my cd's, because it tells me I need to put one in, and when I do, it doesn't like it.
Do you have any suggestions?



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By Daniel Baker04/28/2009

When I click on View / Views, I don't see Toolbasrs at all. I see document view, show/hide, zoon, window, and macros ribbons. Did my IT give a numbskull restricted install I wonder.

I also don't see what Joy is talking about. I right click most anywhere and don't see formatting.

By LEXUS (Guest Post)07/06/2007

If your toolbar in WORD 2007 has disappeared try clicking on HOME and click on MINIMIZE RIBBON. This should make the toolbar reappear.

By Jess [120]06/19/2007

Submitted via Email:

Well, I actually solved my last query, and I will tell how.

The solution to bringing back the toolbar from my previous query about searching for the toolbar with Italics, bold, font, etc. was to go to: VIEWS, TOOLBARS, FORMATTING

By Holly from Richardson, TX

By Sheena (Guest Post)06/12/2007

Try this first.
Click on View.
Click on toolbars.
Check that standard and formatting are both ticked. Click back in your document to close.
The toolbar you want should come back.

By denise w (Guest Post)06/11/2007

it may be that your home page was hijacked this happened to me and icontacted microsoft and they helped me fix the problem and also helped me install safe guards to stop this from happening

By Holly [367]06/10/2007

Thank you, everyone, for all of your very helpful suggestions!

By joy (Guest Post)06/09/2007

right click on the top toolbar, then click on "formating" when the drop-down box appears. That will do it.

By Theresa06/09/2007

If you have Word up, you can right click on the bar section and get that bar back up. if not, email me at tlbuck AT or Shahar_Thorne AT (much better) and send me an image of what you got. I can take it from there.


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