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Soup is Too Spicy

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I made a soup with some hot sauce and it is way too "spicy hot". How can I balance out the spicy heat?

Lucia from Long Island, NY


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By Jane Gibbons04/06/2010

I made a pot of Mulligatawney and I thought it was ruined, it was so spicy. So I sliced a large potato into thin slices and cooked until it was tender. After I pureed the soup, I served it with a large spoonful of creme fresh. It was delicious and no one complained! The potato improved the texture as well

By kw (Guest Post)02/05/2009

You can add some instant potatoes or diced potatoes to the soup. It will help, good luck.

By nancy80501 (Guest Post)11/15/2006

If I get "heavy handed" with my chili, I just add a little sugar and that cools it off nicely. (I use hot sauce as well as chili powder in my chili) Maybe it will work for your soup, too.

By (Guest Post)11/14/2006

Dilute it down and then add more of the other ingredients to bring the original taste back.

By Hannah (Guest Post)11/14/2006

You can also mix cream into it or if you don't want to change the soup, you can serve it with yogurt to cool down your tongue!

By Bonnie (Guest Post)11/14/2006

You can add some milk to the soup and it should help tone it down a bit.

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