Makeup Stains on White Face Cloths


I use a face cloth to remove my makeup. However, it is hard to get makeup stains out of the face cloths. All of my face cloths are dingy. What type of detergent do you use to remove makeup stains from face cloths?

By Onesummer


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By Linda Smith 44 04/23/2011

I use a mix of bleach and water with detergent to soak them in first, rinse them out and then do a regular wash and that should cut the dingy out of them. Otherwise if that doesn't work there is something my mother-in-law did with boiling my hubby's whites on the stove but I never watched her, just in cause someone else knows. Sometimes it's the water, you're on your own there. Good luck. Linda

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By Diane 6 40 04/23/2011

I always wore make-up for years and still do: I always use bleach and detergent (preferable Gain because it removes odors, too!) and towels, washcloths, etc always come out good. Tide Detergent has a new one out now: Tide With Bleach. It's supposed to "bring back the dingy whites" back to a brighter shade. Haven't tried it yet (I'm a Gain die-hard..lol) but I just may. I know these detergents cost more than cheap bargain brands but sometimes you have to spend money in the right ways to get the results you want (I consider my clothing and linens an investment and they need to be clean, smell great for a long time because I don't want to keep replacing them). If the Clorox bleach isn't working, try using Oxy-clean and putting a scoop in with the good kind of detergent.

If I have dark colored towels. I don't use chlorine bleach like with the whites. I actually use "Oxy-clean" in the wash.Aadd a scoop. I use that, too , for color clothes (but Clorox 2 would work well). If all else fails, use the discolored cloths for dust rags. They'll be useful for something. Keep 1 in the car, laundry area, etc.

EDITING: you know: years ago I used cloth diapers for my kids, and always soaked them in a container of Borateem, then wring out (yuck) and wash in hot water with bleach and detergent. Maybe that'll work. I love the smell of Borateem (again: don't wince at the cost: remember...it's worth it) ;)

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Use non-chlorine bleach for soaking and then a quality detergent. Perhaps you could consider going to the dollar store to purchase a dozen very dark brown or black wash cloths to use only for removing your makeup and then you won't have to worry about stains on your good cloths in the future.

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By Judy = Oklahoma 60 751 04/23/2011

Keep washcloths you use for yourself & your family separate and set aside some plain, white facecloths just to remove your make-up. Don't use them for anything else & it won't matter so much when they are dingy, you can use them for rags when they get too bad.

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By Margaret 13 124 04/23/2011

I used to have the same problem but about ten years ago we stayed a a real nice hotel. The towels were white but they also had some medium brown ones to be used to remove makeup. Since that time I have gone to the dollar store and bought some for myself to be used for makeup removal ONLY. Whenever we have overnight guests I also put some in the guest bathroom. No more clean but dingy washcloths. Works great.
Margaret from Denton, Texas

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By HAPPYINHARNED 14 193 04/23/2011

I have read to soak in dishwasher detergent but have never had to try it. There is a product called iron out. It is a powder and is easy to find. Will work wonders on white clothes. I am a Nurse and have used it for years!

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By susan 33 441 04/23/2011

I use shampoo or oxy Palmolive for getting this out, it works amazingly well.

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By Betty 104 753 04/23/2011

I can't help you out on this one but this is the reason I buy ONLY white towels, wash clothes, dish towels, and bed linens. I know it sounds boring but they are much easier to get clean using bleach with the laundry detergent. Just don't go too heavy on the bleach. I don't have kids in the house so before all whites I'd need a clean towel but wouldn't have enough for a full load. I don't keep a lot of extras of anything for lack of storage. Now that all these are white I have a full load much sooner saving on water and electricity.

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By anne 13 149 04/24/2011

Use a tissue or cotton balls to remove makeup instead. Bleach the washclothes.

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How do I get makeup out of white face cloths? I tried washing with Clorox, but it doesn't help. Thank you.

By Onesummer

RE: Makeup Stains on White Face Cloths

Have you tried soaking in hydrogen peroxide and water? (09/17/2009)

By Deeli

RE: Makeup Stains on White Face Cloths

I find that rubbing in a paste of white vinegar/baking soda to the material, and then rubbing in hydrogen peroxide is absolutely the best at getting any stain out! (09/18/2009)

By wife2jfbuilder

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