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When Can You Let a Puppy Be Outside Alone?

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I have a 6 week old puppy and I wanted to know when is the best time to start leaving her out in the backyard alone to play? Is she too young? Will she be permanently fearful if I leave her out? Will she be afraid of neighbor's dog when he barks? I would greatly appreciate some advice on this.





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By Heather (Guest Post)06/20/2007

I have the same question,can I leave my pup outside? I live in Brazil, the weather is always warm. He has a big dog house and there is a thick , warm cushion for him to sleep on. This area is gated for him and very safe. He spends all day with company, outside of this area and at night we are putting him there. Do you think its alright?

By newowner (Guest Post)11/13/2006

i just got a new puppy (shih tzu). she's 8 weeks old. And I've been reading a lot about illnesses they can get because they don't have all their shots yet. And I was wondering what age is it okay for me to take her outside to potty train her?

By Vi Johnson [237]01/29/2005

I don't know where you live, but we have hawks and owls that have been known to carry off small animals. Also The puppie will chew on anything it can. Some plants are poisonous. They need constant watching just like a human baby. One other thing, since your pup is so young ,learn a lesson from me. DO NOT give it people food. I almost killed my darling 8 week old Doxie because I couldn't say NO to her. I gave her bites of my steak and she got very sick. We got her at 5 weeks old and didn't know any better. Dispite us, she lived for 16 years. Good Luck and long life to your baby.

By Pam Motta01/10/2005

IMOH a 6 week old pup is way too young to be left alone either outside or inside. You will end up with a timid, fearfull dog. This is the age when they need socialization both with humans and other pets. They are still learning just how to be a dog. Contact your neighbor and arrange for both dogs to meet (on leash) and give each other a good sniff. Bring treats for both. Let them play together if they will, Spend at least an hour together a couple times a week. Introduce the puppy to other dogs and humans. Arrange a "play date" with two or three other dogs as often as you can. What breed is your new baby?

By guest. (Guest Post)01/10/2005

Normally, a 6-week-old puppy is still with the mother--at least until 7 or 8 weeks! I would not leave a puppy alone in the back yard until it is old enough to be left alone in the house. It is one thing if he/she is tied or penned and you need to dash in to grab a soda or the like, but your puppy is a very vulnerable baby.

You must be a good owner, or you would not have asked! Don't be in a rush to make the puppy "grow up"; two or 3 months from now, and you will have a more civilized dog.

Check your library, or with your veterinarian for more guidelines.


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Most Recent Answer

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]09/14/2012

The only fully qualfied person to answer this is your Veterinarian. And why did you want any animal when they have to be left on their own for long periods of time. Registered breeders will not allow their pups to hopefully go to their "forever" homes until eight weeks of age. And to leave a new arrival to the home to it's own devices is not the correct thing to do. And certainly teaches the poor animal nothing except no-body is there for it. Nice that it had water to drink.

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