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Buttery Popcorn Oil Stain

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I was making popcorn with a theater type popcorn maker at my daughter's school and got the buttery popcorn oil on a navy blue sweatshirt I had borrowed from my daughter. I sprayed it with 409 and washed it. I was unable to see if the stain had come out before I put it in the dryer so went ahead and dried it. Now I find the stains are still there. Is it too late? Help!

Ande from TX


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By Terry O. (Guest Post)02/02/2009

About using the oven cleaner on the popcorn stain on the clothes and I get sit over night would that ruin the clothes?

By Carol (Guest Post)09/26/2006

Generously cover the stain in baby powder, let sit 12-24 hours and wash the next day. It works on all kinds of oil or grease stains, even old ones!

By Karen Logan (Guest Post)01/26/2005

Try Motsenbacher's Lift Off. It's hard to find but your local hardwarde store can order it. Use on the spot, then you may have to wash several times to get the solvent smell out. It works even on dryer set grease stains!

By cj [3]01/17/2005

rub a piece of chalk vigorously over the area and wash in warm water. Hang Dry and check--the chalk may take more than one application to work.

chalk works on ring-around-the-collar too or any oily/greasy stain.

By Phyllis (Guest Post)01/15/2005

I was given this hint years ago and it has always worked for me, especially if it is a oil stain on clothes, use Easy Off Oven Cleaner, spary the stain, let sit for about 15 minutes and then wash as usual. I hope this works for you.

By Ann4 (Guest Post)01/15/2005

Cover the spot with Dawn dish detergent. Let sit a few minutes or overnight and then wash normally.

By beanygurl [1]01/15/2005

If it's an oily stain, just treat it again with a paste of laundry soap or liquid laundry soap or shout - rub it in, let stand for 10 minutes and wash again.

Repeat as required

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