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Poll: Do you have dental insurance?

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Today's poll asks: Do you have dental insurance?

Feel free to post feedback about this poll in the forum below.

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By Michawn [16]01/12/2011

I bought a dental plan here in CA, not insurance but WAY cheaper than doing it self pay. It's through Delta Dental, who offers insurance in many states, try there!


It will never change in our lifetime. We can't even get health insurance, and when we die, no one will mention the fact that our infected teeth and gums infected our blood stream. Dont understand why it cost so much to get one tooth pulled.It cost $100 to see your doctor, to get antibiotics, Oh well, just blowing steam.

By Keeper [57]04/22/2010

No, and I can't afford it.It seems from reading a lot of posts here many Americans are in the same boat.Something has to change for the better in this country.

By (Guest Post)08/23/2006


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