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Catching a Mole That is in My House

How do I catch a mole that has gotten into my house?

Pam from Ohio


Recent Answers

By Elaine (Guest Post)02/25/2008

A mole in the house? I have never heard of that. Are you sure they are not voles. That is with a "v" instead of a "w". They are much smaller than a mole.

By Diane (Guest Post)02/23/2008

I get them in the Spring I have had great luck with the traps called MICE CUBES" you put peanut butter on a little piece of cracker inside the trap they go in the little door and can't get back out. Set the traps were the moles run, usually along wall etc., you can let the mole go or "dispose" of it. I have never had these traps fail me and the best part is I don't have a squished mole to take of.

Diane in NY

By Ed R.02/22/2008

Set a mouse trap. I sometimes get moles in my garage, and I have caught them with a mouse trap baited with bacon. I put them directly against the wall, and within a day or two, I have the little beast caught.

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