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Making a Fabric Shoe Organizer

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Fabric Shoe Organizer

Make a fabric shoe organizer to coordinate with your decor. This is a guide about making a fabric shoe holder.



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Question: Making a Fabric Shoe Holder

When I was little, an elderly neighbor lady sewed a shoe holder for my brother and I. It was a large rectangle of fabric with pockets sewn on for the shoes, it hung on a door. Would anyone have directions or a pattern to share? I would like to make one for my boys. Thanks.

Julie from Federal Dam, MN


Best Answer

By Christine Anderson [5]11/07/2008

Hi Julie,

At, there is a pattern for a hold-all, not particularly for shoes, but you could probably adapt it. It is on page 10.
The patterns are free. Good luck.

Solutions: Making a Fabric Shoe Organizer

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