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Getting Cooking Oil Smell Out of Clothing

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Pile of stinky clothing.

Often after cooking the odor of the cooking oil can linger in clothing and other fabrics. This is a guide about getting cooking oil smell out of clothing.


Here are questions related to Getting Cooking Oil Smell Out of Clothing.

Question: Removing Cooking Oil Smell from Work Clothing

My husband works as a short order cook for a restaurant and comes home every night smelling like a french fry. How do I get the fried/cooking oil smell out of his clothes? I've wash them with laundry detergent and they still come out smelling like oil.

By Jessica L. from Charlotte, NC

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie [11]05/23/2011

My son is a chef-his uniforms can hit the laundry basket smelling the same way sometimes. I use Dawn dishwashing liquid, or Palmolive Oxy-Clean instead of laundry soap, it works great. Two scoops of Oxy-Clean powder works too, with regular laundry soap, but truthfully, the dish soap is less expensive!

Question: Removing Cooking Oil from Dishcloths and Towels

What can someone with asthma use to get cooking oil out of my dishcloths and dishtowels?

By Debbra S.

Question: Getting the Fat Smell Out of Chef Whites

I have to use non bio liquid due to eczema. I'm using Fairy, but to no avail. Please have some answers?

By Kevin

Question: Getting the Fat Smell Out of Chef Whites

I have to use non bio liquid due to eczema. I'm using Fairy, but to no avail. Please have some answers?

By Kevin

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie [11]05/20/2013

My son is a chef in the US. When I go over to visit (I live in the UK) I think he's thrilled to see me mainly because I can get his chef whites so clean:)

He inherited his parents eczema, too-yeppers, his dad and I both have mild-moderate eczema. So I feel your pain on getting those whites clean. Here's how I get his chef whites clean of grease, fats, and odors without triggering an eczema flare:

I add OxyClean to the laundry soap and set the washer for a long soak to be followed by the hot wash programme+the extra rinse feature.

Because of his eczema, after the first wash+extra rinse programme is complete, I then run the washer again using the same hot wash+extra rinse programming. The second programme rids the fabric of any soap and OxyClean residue, but to be sure I make a point of checking the condition of the water-if soapy water is sloshing against the front load washer window at any point during the last rinse, I know I need to run yet another full programme to completely rid the whites of residue (and that maybe I need to cut back a bit on the cleaning products next time I have a set of whites wanting a good wash to avoid needing that third programme!)

Nice, bright, stain and odor free:) I hope this helps!

Question: Removing Cooking Grease Smell from Clothes

How do I get the smell of chip fat out of clothes?

By Mel

Most Recent Answer

By killerdimples [1]09/29/2012

Use strong laundry detergent.

Question: Does Peanut Oil Have an Odor?

Can you smell peanut oil in your clothes?

By mammadukes from Edgewater, FL

Question: Canola Oil Smell on Towels

How do I get cooking oil smell out of my kitchen towels? My son spilled cooking oil and cleaned it with several kitchen towels and after washing it, the smell remained in the towels. What can I do to get rid of the smell?

By Michelle

Most Recent Answer

By Martha01/29/2010

I wash my dish towels in very hot water and Dawn dish detergent and then add a little bleach. Add one cup white vinegar to final rinse water. I don't use fabric softener because the towels do not absorb as well. Once dry, the towels are soft and do not smell of vinegar.

Question: Getting Cooking Smell out of Uniforms

I need help trying to get the smell of food out of my clothes! I am in the Navy and cook over 1000 meals a day. I have tried the over night soaking in fabric softener, even washing 2-3 times, I have used many different detergents but the smell comes back. Can anyone help, my uniforms smell horrible and frankly so do I?

Most Recent Answer

By Uncle T'Dub (Guest Post)09/27/2008

Hottest setting on washer, Tide w/ Bleach and 3/4 to 1 cup of Simple Green cleaner/de-greaser. Works Wonders.

Solutions: Getting Cooking Oil Smell Out of Clothing

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Archive: Canola Oil Smell on Towels

I'm having a problem getting the smell of canola oil out from towels. My hands couldn't grasp the bottle and so it fell and spilled. I grabbed the first thing I could find, some just folded bath towels. Now after 5 washes the smell won't leave. Help!

By Mfgershman

RE: Canola Oil Smell on Towels

Did you try a soak in hot vinegar water and drying in the sun after washing? (04/14/2009)

By Glenn'sMom

RE: Canola Oil Smell on Towels

Make a solution of de-greasing detergent that is four times stronger than usual, in your washer. Soak them in it overnight. Then use dryer sheets in the dryer. (04/19/2009)

By kimhis

RE: Canola Oil Smell on Towels

Okay, just for anyone who is interested, the hot vinegar with Clorox cleaner and the sun did the trick! (05/17/2009)

By mfgershman