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Getting Empty Wine Bottles

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Where do you go to get a good supply of empty wine and liquor bottles? I have asked local restaurants and they seem reluctant to give me any. Short of looking through people's recycling bins on garbage day, can anyone help me? Thanks.

Marie from Buffalo, NY



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By Shaun Posey03/29/2009

I actually have over a case full on empty wine bottles. They aren't accepted for the glass recycling at Wal-Mart and I was sure that there must be someone looking for empty wine bottles. I live in Saratoga Springs. Let me know if you're still interested.

By Louise B. [6]02/07/2009

I don't know what your situation is there, but wine and liquor bottles can be returned for a deposit here, and so businesses would not want to give them away. Don't you have any friends who drink wine or alcohol that might give you their empties?

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [446]02/07/2009

Most of the time a liquor store will be happy to do that. I always go there for moving boxes as they have those great dividers inside. Good Luck!

By dede smith [19]02/07/2009

I am from a small town in MO, and can only guess that the restaurants/bars may not have any room for empty bottles sitting around. All the posts here are good, but why not try the small town down the road? They would probably be more readily able to help you.

By Carol (Guest Post)02/05/2009

I own a bar in Western New York and my guess is that bar and restaurant owners might be leary of you by thinking that you are working for the State Liquor Authority. New York state has strict rules about purchasing wine and liquor through the proper distributors and most bar and restaurant owners do not follow these rules as diligently as they should and may fear getting caught. Maybe if you explain to the owner who you are and what it is you are planning on using the bottles for they will help you out. Also, you might try posting on under the free section and let people know what you are looking for. Oh, and by the way, a friend of mine already takes all my empty bottles to melt them down or I would let you have them! Good Luck.

By Tina (Guest Post)02/05/2009

If your city has a Freecycle site you can just post a Wanted: Wine Bottles message and people will email you if they have any you can pick up.

By Heather [29]02/05/2009

Do you have a local RESTORE? They may have them. Also you could ask at the recycling/waste drop off center. They might put some aside for a small fee. I like the freecycle idea, also try craigslist. Post a "wanted" in the free section. Good luck.

By Lisa [75]02/05/2009

I know where I live you can buy them from recycling centres (places you take your recyclables for cash). I think here they are 10cents a bottle. Also post on (in your area) asking if anyone has any to give away. Too bad you don't live here, i have tons that i dom't need right away and I'm sure I'll acquire more :) Another option is to post on, post an ad asking for them. Good luck!

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