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11 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

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I am just looking for some ideas on having a party for a 11 year old girl and we might have a joint party with her brother who will be 14. Any ideas welcome. Thanks in advance for your help.

By Lisa from England


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By Ylil05/15/2015

A joint party will probably be quite hard, so I suggest a party for each of them, in different rooms. for your daughter, maybe a pajama party? Maybe a cupcake, pizza or taco/burrito bar? (this could work for both of your kids).
Hope this helps!

By Suntydt [75]01/21/2011

If it is just for the girl, then base it on something she is really into. If you decide to combine the parties, choose a theme both kids will enjoy. First idea that came to mind was Pirates of the Carribean.

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