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Does anyone know where I can find a top for a Corning Ware teapot? It was a small back top and there was a small piece of metal on the inside of the top. I contacted Corning Wear and was told they no longer make the tea pot. It was also a small pot. Thank you.

By Lynda from Kearny, NJ


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By Kathy 3 46 11/11/2009

Check your flea markets or antique stores. I have bought several of these corningware teapots there. Some have been complete with the tea leaf holder in the lid, others with just the lids. They can vary in prices there so just keep checking around for the lowest/best price. Good luck.

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By Paula Jo C. 24 253 11/14/2009

Look up www.replacements.com you will find your missing pot lid there I bet. They are located up the road from our house AND are huge. One can take tours witin their building AND it is incredible how many different dishes there are that they are re-selling.

If you have dishes or parts of dishes you can sell "them" to them also (by mail). They handle everything. You must go to their site to see just how big their business is. Keep us informed on what you end up doing and if you indeed do find or locate the piece that you are searching for.

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Archive: Lid For Corningware Teapot

I have a Corningware teapot (6 cup) that has no lid. I am trying to find somewhere to purchase the lid.

Beverly from Wetumpka, AL

RE: Lid For Corningware Teapot

Try searching eBay. Or check local thrift stores and garage sales. Also, you might join your local Freecycle group and post that you want a lid for a Corning Ware Teapot and give the design, etc. (10/15/2008)

By Dibbs

RE: Lid For Corningware Teapot

Try calling this number for CorningWare 1-800-999-3436 replacement parts. This website has more information: phildavidson.com We called in and ordered two replacement lids (one for us and one for my parents) several years ago. The ones we got are stainless steel, which should last longer than the original hard plastic lids. They won't come cheap.

As I remember, the lids were a bit on the expensive side and so was the shipping and handling. In the long run, it's been worth it, though. One place not to try is the CorningWare outlet store. We stopped there and they don't have replacement parts. You might want to call the CorningWare # to get prices and then compare with just buying a CorningWare teapot with a lid on eBay. There are lots listed and some have steel lids. I'd definitely choose them over those with plastic lids that will break eventually. (10/15/2008)

By Trish

RE: Lid For Corningware Teapot

Go to Replacements.com and look for what you need perhaps they will have it. The place is up the road from our home in NC and it is huge. Good luck. (10/17/2008)

By Paula from Mebane, NC

RE: Lid For Corningware Teapot

If you have any outlet malls in your area, most have a Corningware store where you can buy various pieces. (10/17/2008)

By Maryeileen

RE: Lid For Corningware Teapot

I'm pretty sure the Corningware teapot you describe is like one I have and have had for years. Mine has a stainless steel lid that fits into the opening with sort of these clips so it stays put.

I see these type teapots at garage sales plus are listed on eBay and I'll bet that you'd pay more to get the replacement lid than if you just bought another teapot with the lid. You might look at eBay and see if anyone is selling just a lid. Like perhaps they broke the pot and decided to sell the lid for someone that needs it. Good luck. (10/18/2008)

By Debbie52

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