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Gift Ideas for a 13 Year Old Girl

13 year old gift ideas

Deciding on just the right gift for a young girl entering her teens can be difficult. This is a guide about gift ideas for a 13 year old girl.



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Question: Gift Ideas for a 13 Year Old Girl

What are some good gifts for a 13 year old girl besides, purse, clothes, make-up, and shoes? I need ideas for my little cousin.

By Mandy from CA


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By Karen H. [10]04/17/2012

Yes I agree with the others. Gift cards are great. That way she can buy what she wants. If you have a Mall, a gift card will work in any store they have there. & she won't be limited by just one store. Or Cash.

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What should I buy a 13 year old girl?

Hans from Florida

RE: Gift Ideas for a 13 Year Old Girl

You need to find out what her interests are; hobbies, music, etc. What about perfumes and lotions? Is there a particular scent of these that she likes? Does she like to read? Maybe get her a subscription to her favorite magazine. Gift cards are great. Maybe buy one at a mall where she could spend it at any store within the mall. (11/28/2006)

By imaqt1962

RE: Gift Ideas for a 13 Year Old Girl

My 13 yr old granddaughter loves reading and books. I bought her a vintage book (Pride and Prejudice) from 1908 on e-Bay for about $12.00, including postage. She loved it. This book has been the beginning of an old book collection for her. The one I bought was worn and had handwritten notes inside. We both agreed that this made the book more alive, as it was well read and personal with the notes in it. And she actually read it. (11/28/2006)

By Memere

RE: Gift Ideas for a 13 Year Old Girl

Maybe make her a coupon book for things like going out for ice cream, getting out doing of one chore, painting your room any color you'd like, horseback riding with a friend, etc.

If she likes to do crafts like I did as a child, a gift card for Michael's or Joann's fabrics would be great!

Also, if she's a budding artist (like I was) then you could buy her her choice of (1) a Painting Class, (2) a Sewing Class, or (3) a Knitting or Crochet class. Just look at the schedule of classes offered at you local craft store or at your local artist store.

If she doesn't enjoy arts and crafts, you can buy her swimming lessons or offer 5 swimming sessions for her and one friend at the local high school pool.

If she loves to cook, there's lots of great cooking and baking classes out there.

Gosh, if my mom would have offered me a painting or crafting class as a young teenager I would have been thrilled! But back in the 60's they didn't have many things to choose from like they do today. (10/05/2008)

By Cyinda

RE: Gift Ideas for a 13 Year Old Girl

Take her shopping and when she says" that's nice" to something that she likes, then go back when she is not there with you, and buy it. (11/12/2008)

RE: Gift Ideas for a 13 Year Old Girl

I think that you should try asking her if she wants anything in particular, because sometimes kids want things really badly, but are afraid that if they ask, you'll say something like, "it's too expensive" or say "no" to getting it. (11/28/2008)

By jo

RE: Gift Ideas for a 13 Year Old Girl

I think you should get her something like new ring tones for her cell phone (if she has one). If she likes to read maybe a book. I know I really like The Clique Series. She may like clothes or shoes. That is all I have. You should probably ask her so you will get her something she will really like. :) (01/25/2009)

By LeAnne