Preparing Zucchini for Use in Baking


How do you shred zucchini for bread, cake, etc.? Do you peel zucchini first? Do you shred it by hand?

By kdbugd from MI


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By Stacy 1 08/10/2009

I make zucchini bread at least twice a month during the summer. All I do to the zucchini is wash it off and the cut the stem off. I then grate it by hand using the larger holed grater. I do not peel it. I like the bigger shreds of zucchini because it makes less zucchini juice mess that I have to drain off.

Hope this helps

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By Jennifer 21 17 08/10/2009

Just wash the zucchini, cut the stem off, and grate. It's a lot less waste if you don't peel it. Sometimes if it is a bigger zucchini, I cut it in half and take some of the seeds out as they won't shred in a processor.

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By Kay 1 3 08/11/2009

Thank you so much for your post to answer my question about zucchini. Thank you, Kdbugd

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By The Aunt 12 30 08/12/2009

Wash zucchini and trim off blossom end. I keep the stem end on to use as a "handle" when grating unpeeled zucchini by hand. That way I never grate my fingers.

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