Homemade Sleeping Mask

pink satin sleep mask

When you need to sleep during the daytime, wearing a comfortable mask can help block the light. This is a guide about homemade sleeping mask.


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Soft Fabric Sleep Mask

four masks of different fabric

I once purchased a sleep mask in the dollar bin at Joann's. My girls are always fighting for who gets to use it. So, why not make one for everyone? This is a very simple and inexpensive project. It even costs less than the one I got in the dollar bin! You can make several for yourself or others. I can think of no greater gift than a good night's sleep!

Approximate Time: 20 minutes


  • fabric (I used flannel for it's softness)
  • batting (optional) - It just makes it a little cozier!
  • thin elastic headbands (I found a pack of 8 at the Dollar Store)
  • thread
  • needle
  • scissors
  • sewing machine


  1. Take your thin headband and make one cut in it. This will be the band that holds the mask on. It's not vital, but I burn the ends over a flame for a brief second so that it doesn't unravel.
  2. elastic band cut
  3. Double up your fabric. If there is a pattern going a certain way, make sure the both sides are facing the right way.
  4. make sure fabric pieces account for directionality
  5. Use a sleep mask you already have or you could use a pair of sunglasses as a template. Or, if you are especially gifted, you can draw it freehand!
  6. trace around template onto fabric
  7. Place your template down. Trace around it with a pen (don't worry you won't see the marks once it's sewn). Trace your lines about 1/2 inch bigger than you want the mask to be, allowing for the edges that you sew. The tracing does not need to be perfect. We'll fix it in a minute.
  8. leave 1/2 inch seam allowance
  9. Cut out your pattern.
  10. cut out fabric
  11. Fold your mask in half and trim up any edges that are larger than the other side. See how unevenly I cut mine? But, that's okay, we're fixing it!
  12. fold in half and straighten up so both sides are even
  13. Put your mask on the batting (if using). Cut the batting the same size as the mask.
  14. place fabric on batting cut out batting to size
  15. Take 1 piece of fabric. Have the "good side" facing up. Lay the headband on top, making sure that the strap is not twisted. (It might be uncomfortable to have the straps twisted behind your head while you sleep.) You want the straps to be about an inch from the top. Make sure that the bands are even with the edge of the mask. Take the excess bands and place in the center. You don't want to sew over them.
  16. lay elastic on right side of mask
  17. Place other piece of fabric, "good side" facing down.
  18. place other piece of fabric with right sides together and elastic ends inside seam allowance
  19. Place batting on top of fabric.
  20. lay batting on top of fabric/elastic layers
  21. Pin the straps in place. Again, make sure that they are flush with the edge. If not, you won't have the straps sewn in. Fold your mask in half and make sure that the straps are in the same place. I just figured this out. All my others are so uneven!
  22. pin layers together checking for elastic positioningmaking sure elastic is in correct position on both sides
  23. Pin all around.
  24. finish pinning
  25. Time to sew! The thread color does not matter. You won't see it. Sew around the mask, starting at the top or bottom of the mask. Make sure to not sew over the straps. Leave a 2 inch opening to turn the mask inside out. Reinforce both ends of the opening. Trim the excess fabric and batting.
  26. sew on machine, leave opening to turnreinforce ends of openingtrim seam allowance
  27. Turn inside out. Both pieces of fabric should be on the outside and the batting should be on the inside.
  28. begin turning right side outturned mask
  29. Sew your opening closed.
  30. sew opening closed
  31. This kid isn't even sleeping. See that smile?
  32. little girl wearing sleep mask

By Becky Miles [68]

Tip: Flannel Headband for a Frugal Sleep Mask

My partner reads late at night, and I like to go to sleep right away. We have fixed this problem with the light keeping me awake, by me wearing a sleep mask.

However, I didn't go out and spend 7-20 dollars on one. I just grabbed my flannel ear muffs headband and wear it around my eyes. I get my darkness and snooze soundly!

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Question: Homemade Sleeping Mask

I would like instructions for making a sleeping mask.

Amy from Wisconsin


Most Recent Answer

By Diane12/16/2004

I made one using scraps of flannel material and fleece blanket edging. I cut a rounded hourglass shape from a double layer of flannel, put wrong sides together, pinned blanket edging all around and sewed, then covered elastic in the blanket edging and sewed to either side. I would like to try maybe filling one with dried herbs next.