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ChapStick Stains on Clothing

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How do you remove a Chapstick stain on clothes?

By Nashelle from Kansas City, MO


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By Sarah Leach [8]03/31/2010

ChapStik is essentially oil and wax. Put layers of newsprint or brown paper bags on the front and back of the stain and use a warm iron to heat this moving the top paper around a bit to soak up as much of the chapstik as you can.

Then treat what's left of the stain as if it were any other oil stain:
spray n wash, dish washing liquid (start around the outside of the stain and work your way into the middle with an old tooth brush or your finger nail; be gentle) or whatever method you prefer. Wash as usual. This should do it. You might have to treat the stain a couple times.

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