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Red Hat Society Club Ideas

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I am looking for suggestions on what kind of entertainment for red hatters or some kind of trips for red hatters.

By Carol from MI

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By Sister Susan02/05/2014

Hi there, I am an Aussie red Hatter and we meet twice a month and as we have a few in our chapter we arrange for the ladies who are having a birthday in each particular month to put on something different. I have just come back from a pacific island cruise with my children and as my birthday was January I decided to carry the island theme through with my lunch.

I arranged to have it at a lovely hotel near home and I decorated the tables with frangipani flowers and leaves, chocolates and macadamia nuts, with an island theme name tag for each of the ladies. Dressing up with flowers in our hair and very colourful dresses. It was a fun day and I know many more to come.

By SweetTreat D.01/05/2014

I live in Michigan, I could do a Red Hat Lady cupcake stand. My Facebook page is SweetTreat Displays. Flushing MI. 810-577-5171. Thanks!


RE: Red Hat Society Club Ideas

By vritcey10/20/2013

August Southern Belle Garden Tea

September All things Leather (car rally )

October Oktoberfest

November Nightcaps Breakfast

December Ugly Holiday Sweater Xmas Dinner

January Rubics Cube Morning( Dress in all the colors of the cube: red, yellow, blue, orange, green Eat out Breakfast

February Alice's Mad Hatter Tea Party

March 27 Dresses Eat out (dress up in your best classy outfit

April Pictionary Night potluck

May Bling and Glitter - Bling it on! eat out

June Home on the Range Western Theme BBQ Jeans, western attire. Beans, home made bread, etc

July Tiki Torch Luau theme potluck

By Louise B. [4]04/29/2011

Hi, Our Red Hat group does lots of different things, and really, anything that you can think of that the group would like is good. We have had wine and cheese parties at a group member's house, everyone chipped in for the food with some cash. We like to go for lunch at various restaurants; ones that are a little bit special. We have pot luck suppers quite a bit, often in the local Legion lounge, and then have some sort of entertainment. We have had quizzes about the Olympics. At the March party, we all wrote limericks and we had a lot of Irish jokes read.

Jewelery displays and sales (one member's daughter made homemade jewelery). We've gone bowling, gone to fundraisers like lunches for Breast Cancer together. This month we are going to a Hawaiian supper together that is put on by one of our local churches. In the summer, one of the ladies invites the group to overnight at her lake cabin. We have weiner roasts. We invite a Red Hat group from a neighbouring town to come up for an event, and sometimes we go to theirs.

Some groups are quite ambitious with regard to trips; if you had gamblers, you could go to a local casino; any kind of show -- music, play, etc. You could tour a museum or art gallery, take in an art opening, go for tea at a tea house and then shop at some specialty store (like Ten Thousand Villages or something). We have gone bowling. We've attended a wine tasting at a local liquor store, and then gone for coffee at the Dairy Queen! Ha ha. We've had a tour of the greenhouses and nurseries in spring, and then gone for tea at a tea house. One group took a tour of a Military Base! We've taken trips on a local houseboat on the river.

You could go for a craft class at a craft store and then for tea. One of our members almost always brings jokes off the internet to share. People bring trip photos sometimes. If there is something going on in the community, we often go as a group of Red Hatters rather than just go with one friend.

By Joan [13]04/27/2011

According to the write ups I read about the group meetings where I live, they go out for meals, sometimes they take a day trip to another town to meet with groups there, or attend a play or for sight seeing. They do a whole variety of things. It would be a good idea to visit with the members to see what they would be interested in doing. You could also tour museums, etc. There isn't anything that these groups do that doesn't cost money.


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Question: Red Hat Society and the Poem "Warning"

I am trying to find the connection between the Red Hat Society and the poem "Warning". It's really important. I need to find a few connections. Thanks :)

By mor

Most Recent Answer

By Lisa R. [1]05/05/2013

The connection is that our Queen Mother Sue bought a red hat for a friend at a flea market and gave her the hat and a copy of the poem to cheer her up. She continued doing so and before long she had a whole group of friends who would wear purple and their red hats. Now the organisation is worldwide. Any female over the age of 21 can become a member but anyone under 50 must wear lilac and a pink hat until she becomes of age.


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Red Hat Society Club for Mentally Challenged Women

Has anyone else started a Red Hat Society Club for women who are Mentally Challenged in their day program site? I have a group with 6 other members from a Adult Day Treatment Center that I worked with years ago. I think we are all having a great time but we have had only 2 sessions and I am wondering if anyone has started such a group so I can brainstorm with them.

I hope to be doing this for a very long time and just need someone who has Red Hat ideas in terms of in house types of activities. There are 8 of us, 1 Queen Mom and 6 Sister Red hatters. Three have ambulatory issues, one is deaf and two are active women. We have done crafts, games, and teas. We need some more thrifty ideas. Thanks a lot.

Donna from Middletown, NY

RE: Red Hat Society Club for Mentally Challenged Women

I have no advice but I wanted to say God bless you for what you do. It takes a special person! (03/01/2009)

By Bethmom1961

RE: Red Hat Society Club for Mentally Challenged Women

Hi, While I'm not associated with your group, a good activity might be to make no-sew fleece blankets. You get two large squares of fleece, cut ~4-5 inch long fringe all around the two pieces, then tie the two squares together with each matching set of fringe. Here are some online sites with instructions: and (this one is a video). Have fun! (03/01/2009)

By Mrs.P

RE: Red Hat Society Club for Mentally Challenged Women

You can get a hold of chapters of the Red Hat Society if you red hat society. I am sure one of the members would be more than happy to to the proper place. Blessings and many red hats to all of you (03/01/2009)

By islandsage

RE: Red Hat Society Club for Mentally Challenged Women

Thank you for what you do. God Bless you and all your special Red Hat Ladies. What fun! (03/02/2009)

By Sherri

RE: Red Hat Society Club for Mentally Challenged Women

Hi, I'm a Red Hatter. So great of you to be doing this! I'd say take any craft, use purple and red materials, and adapt it. Check the National Red Hat Society Board (I don't know the website address) for more ideas. Best wishes! (03/02/2009)

By Nance

Archive: Red Hat Society Meeting Ideas

I have started a "red hat society" group at my mother's nursing home. Can anyone help me with ideas for entertainment to bring in for the monthly meetings or any type of things to do at the meetings?


Archive: Red Hat Gift Ideas

I am a new Red Hat Lady this year (turned 50 years old) and looking for Red Hat crafts to make for my Red Hat friends. Ideas for gifts and party favors holidays and birthdays. I appreciate any assistance. Thank you in advance. Sandy from Stewartstown, PA

RE: Red Hat Gift Ideas

My mother is a pink hat and she takes old hats that she had and cheap hats and they have a red hat decorating party were each red hat gets to design her own and she also set up a little thing were they all have a different name and they made there own special name tags and put it on like plastic name badge's for the hospital and they all had a ball! (12/08/2008)

By frazia

RE: Red Hat Gift Ideas

Welcome to the "Sisterhood"! Oh, there are so many things. There are Red Hat fabrics you can make tissue holders to go in purses, you can crochet tiny hats as earrings, pins, pin-cushions. If you rubber stamp, you can get tumbled marble square tiles at Lowe's or Home Depot, stamp them using an indelible ink, and mark them with permanent markers, then put felt dots on the bottom corners and give them as absorbent coasters. Our Queen taught us to make pillbox hats out of bleach bottle plastic, covered with padding and fabrics/lace! Any craft, done in red and purple! There's SO much! Go on a Red Hat website for your state or nationally and find more ideas. Have fun! (12/09/2008)

By Nance

RE: Red Hat Gift Ideas

I think it would be fun to make hat bands for one another, based on the other person's personality. Draw names from a hat, and let the ladies know that the bigger the better! I can see the feather plumes, and birds of paradise now! (12/12/2008)

By Dedeswrkshop

Archive: Red Hat Society Club Ideas

About a month ago, I asked for some ideas for using in a Red Hat Group with mentally challenged women. Thanks for your ideas. In case anyone wants to start one, here are some things we have done:

  1. Pinning ceremony with homemade pins.

  2. Boa presentation.

  3. Decorated pin boxes.

  4. Made hat shaped cookies.

  5. Played tea time bingo.

  6. Made dog toys for local pet rescue group.

We will be making hats, and totes, and photo albums with each group member.

Every meeting we have a dessert party with decorations and beverages along with goody bags. Everyone is having fun, especially me.

Thanks for saying "just do crafts that incorporate purple and red" (I was making something hard that was common sense) and making knotted blankets (we will probably make knotted pillows for stuffing).

They are the ones that are special human beings who basically see good fun and appreciation for whatever we are doing.

I hope someone else will start such a group. It is a highlight in my life. Thanks.

By Donna

RE: Red Hat Society Club Ideas

This spring you could plant all flavors of scented geraniums in pots. They come in all scents and are not that expensive. Not to be mistaken for regular geraniums, these are herbs. They come in lemon, apricot, orange, rose, lime, and many other scents. The ladies would undoubtedly find them interesting and could take one home with them. They smell terrific! (01/30/2011)

By NellieMary

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