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Painting Papier Mache

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Is latex paint good on papier mache? I am contructing a large art piece and want a strong smooth finish.

Vida from Kent


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By laura (Guest Post)06/13/2007

I use Gesso to cover my work first a then i use arcylic paints. I tried colored tissue paper by applying it like you would the strips of newspaper. It looked pretty good.

By (Guest Post)06/12/2005

Yep, latex paint works well on papier mache....but I would definitely prime with gesso first.


By Kendy [4]06/11/2005

Buy a product called gesso. It is used as a canvas primer for water based paint and is available at craft or art supply stores. Then you should be able to use latex or acrylic and cover up any newsprint as well if you have used it as the gesso works well as a primer.

By (Guest Post)06/11/2005

I have tried latex paint on paper mache and did not find it worked well at all. The paint looked cracked and uneven. Maybe I did something wrong, but I stick to kid's paints.

By susan06/10/2005

Check at your local crafts place. They sell something that looks like white paste. I used it with my kids but can't recall a name.

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