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How to Unstick Marshmellows

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My daughter is doing a very "untraditional" thing at her reception. Instead of throwing rice or blowing bubbles she wants to throw mini marshmellows, I think it will be cute but the marshmellows I have bought are starting to get sticky. Any suggestions as to how to "unstick" them so we can put them in tulle bags? I have thought of freezing them, but haven't tried it yet for fear they will become sticky once they thaw.




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By Mother Hen04/29/2005

I suggest: Cornstarch. That's what the factory used to keep them dry and separated when they made them. You may have to separate the ones that are stuck together, then drop a dozen or so at a time into a bag (A paper lunch bag works well) containing about 1/4 cup cornstarch and shake.
Good luck and enjoy the celebration!

By starchild (Guest Post)04/29/2005

My suggestion is: lay out the marshmallows on cookie sheets to "stale", You will find they slightly firm on the outside but still light and soft. They will throw better and won't stick together. They are still edible (thats the only way I like them). Good Luck and congrats!

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