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Food Ideas for a Tea Party Birthday

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My daughter and I are planning a 'tea party' birthday party for her in April. Since we are in a cold part of the US, we will probably still have snow on the ground or at least have temp's not favorable for a 'garden tea party', so we will be doing the party indoors.

She will be turning 8 and plans to have about 6 friends join us. I'm looking for suggestions for fun, easy, and KID-FRIENDLY finger foods to serve at her party. We will have a sandwich of some kind, probably a variety of meats cut into triangles. But I'm hoping to have some side dish ideas. I have bought some BEAUTIFUL milk glass compotes to put things in so we'd love to utilize those. Any suggestions?

imama2many from UT



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By cyndi (Guest Post)02/08/2008

Do up your room with a Victorian Theme. Get variety of tea's from all over world, and use china tea cups from all over as well. Borrow or go to second hand stores to purchase. Get everyone to dress in the era. Prizes for best dressed etc. Food do party type sandwiches little squares. Keep it simple but displayed on Victorian tiered plates. I did this for a perennial party I host every year. We also competed with garden articles handmade that coordinated with the same theme. "t time" enjoy

By Barbara Snyder (Guest Post)02/02/2008

go to they have ideals for your childs tea party. Also see if you can go to disney and they might have things to like to make punches and stuff or just put hot coco in the tea cup with a mini marshmallow. Just a idea

By ERP (Guest Post)02/01/2008

I take my girls to a lovely little Victorian Tea Room for a special treat. They really love the part of dressing up in gowns and hats and then being served on fancy china. Their favourite food is the scones served with fresh strawberry jam and clotted cream - (I use whipped cream at home) Each child gets their own little fancy bowl of jam and another for the cream while the scones - shaped like tea pots at this shop - are presented on a china plate.
There is a menu with fancy little sandwiches as well but the girls have never wanted them.

As for a cake, I have done one with icing only and then provided candies etc. to decorate with. Each child gets a picture of the completed cake to take home in their goody bag.

By Cyinda [214]01/30/2008

I'll never forgot a birthday party I went to as a child. Me being the "creative-artist-type", even as a child, I was in my glory! ...They had all kind of food & treats like marshmallows, chocolate chips, pretzels, gram-crackers, vanilla wafers & the like with a "paste" made from sugar, corn syrup or icing... & We were asked to "Create" or "Build" fun things like snow men, butterflies & people or whatever from these food & candy items.... This was so much FUN! ... They sat all of us kids around a big table with bowls of these things in the center & gave us each a paper plate & a small bowl of the "Glue" (which was icing & the like) ... After we finished we had to let our projects sit to dry (while we played games) so we could take them home.... The hardest part was getting our projects home (to show our moms) without eating them! ..What a special treat! ... A Child's Birthday Party I'll never forget!!!

** One more thing: For those of you who are sending invitations to your child's birthday party, Think about asking them NOT to bring a gift... (This is what my daughter does) That way, those with multiple children in the family that go to a lot of parties or those with low incomes, or have a parent who has recently lost their job can afford to come!... This is SOOOO very important in these days of layoffs & hard times! ... I raised 4 children on a "shoestring" & can remember sometimes telling my kids they couldn't go to a party because we couldn't afford to buy a gift... (That was in the days BEFORE dollar stores) ... OR if you are a parent on a super-tight budget, You can do what my daughter did: Get a bag & fill it with 5 toys from the dollar store... She recently did this & it was the birthday girls favorite gift!

By OrahLee [2]01/30/2008

How very fun!
Ask the girls to come dressed up, either for real, or play. Gloves and hats and their best dress. They can bring their doll or teddy bear perhaps ?
Serving the "party" food on real glass/china plates and cups, real silverware and cloth napkins and table cloth will make it a special "grown-up" treat.
A fun craft idea might be to make lovely hats with paper plates and ribbons and glue on paper flowers.
Any food cut in pretty shapes works when served on paper doillies or a silver footed cake stand. And any fruit juice with 7-up or ginger ale makes a nice punch------ and there are lots of kid friendly teas on the market ie: peach or apple spice??
Don't forget to check second-hand stores for teapots and cups and saucers.
Moms who come might like a nice cup of tea when they let the girls do their hats.

By Debbie (Guest Post)01/30/2008

The girls in my family have a tea party every year on grandma's birthday. We have special tea cups, little sandwiches and little truffle cakes. We all have to wear a fancy hat and dress up. The young girls love it. We wear gloves and fancy dresses and every one goes home with a small gift. We have it at a different ladies house each year. It has become something we all look forward too!

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