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Moving a Stove

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I want to clean under and behind my stove. What is the best way to move the stove out of the way? I don't want to tear the vinyl floor.

By laurel from Port Orchard, WA

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By Onesummer [209]08/06/2009

They have have extensions you can attach to a vacuum cleaner to clean under furniture. It might work for a stove also.

By Beth [25]04/23/2009

I have a gas stove and have pulled it out to clean the crumbs that accumulate between it and the counters and to repaint the kitchen. Unless your house and the gas connections are very old, you will not distrub them. My husband is an HVAC man, so I know this. I have never had trouble with the floor, which is vinyl. But if you are worried, getting an old blanket under the front feet and having someone pull slowly while someone else gently pulls up on th back will get it out no problem. And while it's out, if it makes you feel better, check the gas line connection if you do have a gas range!

By Anonymous [848]04/23/2009

A dolly would be perfect for the task if you have one or can borrow one ;-) Whether you use a dolly, carpet or card board be sure to tilt the back/wall side of the stove up off the floor or the back feet will scratch the linoleum.

By Julie [49]04/19/2009

If its an electric stove, turn the circuit breaker to that off first because after you move it out to began cleaning if you touch or hit the plug in with a wet mop you could be electrocuted. after you do your cleaning and the floor has dried and you have pushed it back into place then turn your breaker to that item back on. Safety first.

By Sharon [9]04/19/2009

If you have a gas line it is best not to move it at all because you might cause the gas line to be weakened at the connecting seal. I was told this be a gas man years ago. Best to remove the bottom draw.

By Marge Mayhew [2]04/18/2009

Remember that you will have either a gas line or an electrical cable attached to the rear of your stove. Don't tug too hard and damage either of them. If you use a carpet scrap or rug. Turn it upside down. The canvas or backing side won't slide very well, if at all. Happy Cleaning!

By Marjorie C. Woodworth [82]04/18/2009

I have an electric stove in my apartment. I talked to the maintenance man and he told me that the bottom front panel can be removed.

I removed the panel and I was able to clean the floor under the stove. If you have a gas stove, just follow the suggestions of the other posts.

By Anne04/18/2009

Cardboard under the feet of the stove works if you do not have carpet,and or those felt chair pads on the feet.

By vickie guy [38]04/18/2009

I would lift up one side at a time, and slide a piece of old carpet underneath and then pull it out. Make sure you don't intend to keep the carpet, as it will probably need thrown away afterwards.

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