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Cleaning and Whitening Finger Nails

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To clean and whiten finger nails - dip in bleach - wash hands with soap and warm water. Really works.

Editor's Note: This does work but I'd recommend at least a 3 parts water to one part bleach and be careful not to breathe in the fumes.

By C. H. from Jerusalem, Ohio


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diluted bleach works pretty well for me. I am a scenic artist at Seaworld and use a lot of earth tone colors. I'm not one for wearing gloves when I am sponging on these colors so my nails usually end up looking pretty nasty. I scrub them with soap and water and when I get home I put a little bleach and water in the sink and soak my fingers for a few seconds. It works.

RE: Cleaning and Whitening Finger Nails

By pam (Guest Post)03/11/2006

I have also used lemon juice- instead of the bleach- @ 30 seconds to a minute then soap and water.

By Carol Tewksbury (Guest Post)03/11/2006

Lemon juice works the same way. It can also be combed thru your hair just before you sit in the sun to help lighten it.

By Jane Young (Guest Post)03/10/2006

Another Very good way to clean nails - will also bleach out colour from old nail polish. Just soak your nails in lemon juice - Real Lemon is fine. This is sasfe, the smell isn't overpowering and it works like a charm

By Kelly [15]03/10/2006

A little safer is Hydrogen peroxide and a cotton swab. I discovered this while whitening my teeth and it dribbled ;)
You can use a whitening pencil sold in the manicure/pedicure section of all drug stores. It is not as pretty, but works in a tight pinch!

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