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Add Eggshells To Houseplants

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Crushed egg shells gives house plants and flower plants a growth burst. They love it.

By Sharon Lee from Canada



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By Ominous187 (Guest Post)06/14/2008

What about putting eggshells in water and letting them sit for awhile? Think my mom used to do that but I cant remember. Also I remember not to leave the eggshells out. Hate birds; they are to loud and don't stop from 2 am till around 6 pm, so I shoot them with my bb gun, and add them to the compost pile. lol

By L O'Brien [5]11/18/2007

When you boil eggs - strain any yucky bits out of the water - keep this water and let it cool completely and use to water house plants - the boiling extracts lots of minerals from the shells and acts as a free-feed.
Kindest regards - Borasic Lint

By sissy (Guest Post)10/15/2007

does this help the cuttings to grow roots?

By Jennifer [2]07/13/2006

Eggshells are also great to use if you have problems with snails or slugs. Just break the eggshells into pieces and sprinkle around the base of the plant. The snails/slugs are killed because of their soft bodies moving across the eggshells. I would rather use this than chemicals or beer because of my children.

By Mary07/07/2006

If you have mama birds nesting in your yard, the eggshells are also very good to put out for them. The mamas need the extra calcium in the shell while they are feeding their young. Yeah, I know, I know - they are not nursing but my backyard is a wildlife habitat and every book I read to set it up suggested putting out the shells while the females were pregnant and feeding their young. Also, don't contribute to our landfills by putting Rover's dog hair in the trash, Many types of birds love it for making nests. If you have some dried out pine needle mulch left, don't bury all of it for compost. Our feathered friends LOVE them for nest building.

By melinda07/07/2006

I'll have to try this!! Never knew what to do with those eggshells!!! And I don't have a green thumb, so I need all the help I can get!!! Thanks!!!

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