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What is a Rainbow Tea Party?

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What is a church rainbow tea party?

By shortstack from Fayetteville, NC


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By frankie [1]11/30/2010

A Rainbow Tea is a wonderful fun raiser and a time to fellowship with your church members and friends. My church will be celebrating it's 3rd year and it is certainly growing. We chose a color of the rainbow (7) and each group had a color (we pulled to determine who would get which color) each group decorated their tables to include foods with the color pulled. it was really pretty. We had a program with light entertainment and plenty of food.


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Archive: What is a Rainbow Tea Party?

I have been seeing requests for Rainbow Tea Parties? What is a Rainbow Tea Party?


RE: What is a Rainbow Tea Party?

From my understanding of the posts on this website about rainbow tea parties, it's a tea party where each table is set up as a different color of the rainbow and with a religious theme. I've never been to one but it sounds like it would be fun. (03/17/2006)

By luv2craft

Archive: What is a Rainbow Tea Party?

Could someone give me the history of a Rainbow Tea ? I see many posts about the colors, etc. What is the purpose of the tea?

By Notetotel from Ontario, Canada

RE: What is a Rainbow Tea Party?

A rainbow tea party is one that celebrate each color God created and understanding what each color represents. Red for instance represents the Blood of Christ, white is purity, yellow is the Fear of God, green is new life, being born again, purple is royalty. For more info and ideas just Google the phrase and lots of links pop up. (03/27/2010)

By oct12000

Archive: What is a Rainbow Tea Party?

What is the Biblical meaning of yellow for a rainbow tea?

By Ann

RE: What is a Rainbow Tea Party?

This is what I found to help you. Yellow symbolizes light which in turn is a symbol of the presence of God. It is also symbolic of renewal and hope, especially in the resurrection of Jesus. (04/01/2010)

By Amy3e

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