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Removing Diesel Fuel Smell from Clothing


I need to clean some clothes that have some diesel fuel on them. Thanks.

By Bill from Flat River Desloge


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By KELLY 1 01/13/2009

I Soaked jeans that diesel had spilled on in a bucket with Downy fabric softer for 2 hrs, and then washed normally and the smell was gone.

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By GAIL 1 12/13/2009

My husband has worked on aircraft fuel tanks for years. He comes home reeking of the JP-8 jet fuel that he gets exposed to. I'm extremely allergic to any kind of scented products so I had to find a way to remove the smell from his clothes without using more chemicals. Get ready, it's the simplest thing and it always works.

I put everything he wears including underwear and socks that reek of jet fuel in the sun! Sometimes it can take from a few days to a week, but it always works. The sun's rays just bake the smell out. Make sure you get all areas exposed to the sun and turn inside out as well.

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By Ann Winberg 306 239 04/18/2011

I used to use pinesol in the wash to remove diesel.

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