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Making Candles With Drizzled Colors Down Sides


I vaguely remember making candles where we would drip a colored candle, crayon, or some material onto another bigger candle. The end result was this candle with all different colored "drops" all the way around and down the sides. They were so pretty.

Thing is, I cannot remember what we were dripping onto the candle or how we did it. Does anyone remember ever doing this and how and with what? This was probably back in the late 70s or early 80s when we would make these. Thanks.

By minnabird from VA


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By Joan 13 1,482 07/31/2009

What I used to do was use a melted colored wax, and take an old spoon and dribble the colored wax down the sides, all the way around. I can remember making a yellow candle with green drips all the way around. Basically they look like a different colored candle was inside and melted, leaving the drippings on the outside.

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In the late 60's/early 70's we used to take different colors of taper candles and hold them over the edges of a pillar candle and let the burning taper wax flow on to the outer edges of the pillar.

You brought back a funny memory of how we used to also use a cheap empty Gallo wine bottle as a taper candle holder. Over time and with many candles of many colors later we thought they looked like great pieces of art work ;-) LOL!

If you use the taper candle idea just be sure they are the solid color tapers and not the ones colored on the outside and white on the inside. But, then again, that might be unique looking, too :-)

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By Brenda 5 10 08/06/2009

We use to take wax crayons and melt the on the outside of baby food jars and then use a regular votive candle inside the jar.

I also remembered a funny candle experience. I had a party and used some strobe candles. They put off a black smoke and after an hour or so everyone at the party had a black dot under each nostril where they had breathed the smoke. We dropped the candles in a bucket of water and threw them away... but people had black smokey noses for a day afterward. :)

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By lynda 44 258 08/06/2009

I don't remember ANY of the ones mentioned so far. What WAS used the most was a single MULTI-COLORED candle, specifically made to make the multi-hued drips around the candle preferably in a raffia covered bulbous based empty wine bottle. You could saw/cut one candle in half and use it tor two, of course. I remember the candles were purchased
mail-order and I'll be they are still available if you
want them. They did NOT look like dribbled crayons
or even like different candles used for each lighting.
Nope, only the multi-colored ones worked right. The others just looked messy.

The more drips the thicker and more unusual the pattern, making a conversation piece wherever used.
If you ever make one, guard it from children who INSIST on breaking the melted wax thinking no one wants it anyway! Bless their hearts.

God bless and help you. : )

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By Patricia 2 08/12/2009

Hi, I remember we used to put a tall white candle in a glass bottle (wine bottle or similar). Then we would light colored candles and as they melted we would hold them over the one in the bottle and let it drip down over the candle and the bottle. Hope this was what you were looking for. Have fun, Pat

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