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Decoupaging Vinyl


Can you decoupage vinyl? I would like to decoupage a vinyl cloth to a board to use as an outdoor wall hanging. Is this possible? What products would I need to use?

Darlene from Charlotte, NC



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By Cyinda 214 1,287 08/11/2008

I'm pretty sure you can decoupage a vinyl cloth to a board (because the board is porous & the back of the vinyl is usually also porous)... This gives the glue something to attach itself to. Whereas if you were trying to decoupage fabric or paper TO vinyl, it may be a little harder & require a bit of sanding to give it some tooth.

Clean the front of the vinyl with alcohol & wash your hands of any skin oils & lotions & make sure the board is clean & dry. I doubt you'll be able to use white glue & water or REGULAR decoupage medium because it's going outside. But I'm not sure, you'll have to do some research on this. You are dealing with 2 things the UV rays from the sun which are just as damaging as the rain & humidity. So to be safe, if you DO use regular decoupage medium, I'd spray several coats of a UV screening clear sealer or OUTDOOR spray paint. Look for the words "UV PROTECTION" on the can. Otherwise UV rays will fade & damage you artwork over time. You could also use a clear "paint-on" type of sealer... Just look for the words "Outdoor" or "UV safe" on it. Your second choice would be to use an outdoor-safe clear glue instead of the decoupage medium. Also, even though vinyl is fairly waterproof you'll want to make sure the sides (edges) of the vinyl are sealed properly. You can use the clear paint that comes in a small bottle (kind of like puff paint) but I'm pretty sure this is not made for outdoor use. Just make sure the edges are REALLY stuck down with the decoupage medium. Other wise, just follow the directions for regular decoupaging. Coat the back of the vinyl with the glue & stick it down on the board, then brush 4 or 5 coats (or more) over the top. (Being super careful to make sure the edges are REALLY stuck down well!)

* One more thing: If you are trying to attach a picture TO the vinyl & the vinyl TO the board, then I'd first lightly sand the vinyl a bit (only in the area where the picture will go) to give it some "tooth".

--->I was just checking online & it looks like Mod Podge makes a brand of decoupage medium for outdoor use. It looks like it only comes in a glossy finish. Here's what they say about it:

Outdoor Mod Podge
Protect your projects from moisture and other outdoor elements with Outdoor Mod Podge®. This specially formulated Mod Podge provides a water-resistant finish so projects stay as beautiful as the day you made them. Use on wood, tin, terra cotta, slate and more. Perfect for creating decorative accessories for your door, front porch or patio.

* And on a different web page:
Outdoor Mod Podge seals and protects decoupage appliques and painted surfaces from outdoor elements. Perfect or use on wood, terra cotta, slate, tin and more! Use with paper or fabric. Pretty gloss finish will not cloud!

Plaid's Guide to Glues: ... .asp?entry=article&articleID=297

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By Jill 4 738 08/11/2008

If the cloth is slightly bigger than you need, you could also put it on a board slightly smaller than the vinyl and bring the sides around back and staple to the wood.

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By Darlene 1 1 08/12/2008

Thank you so much for your answer to my question. I will take your advice and follow your instructions. I just didn't know where to start since I've never decoupaged before! Thank you!

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