Recipes Using Potato Flakes

How can potato flakes be made to taste like homemade mashed potatoes? They do not taste well to me when made up according to the directions. Are there other ways to use the potato flakes?

Thanks for any feedback.

Momel from AR

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If you are using them as a side dish, dice up one small potato, boil and mash. Make the potato flakes according to directions and add the mashed potato. The real potato will make the instant taste better.

Use cream, real butter, cream cheese or cottage cheese intead of the milk or water in the package directions.

Add garlic powder, chopped chives (dried or fresh), diced onion (dried or fresh), pepper, paprika, lemon pepper seasoning, etc.

Make "loaded baked potato" mashed potatoes. Add cheese, bacon bits, chives, sour cream.

Use potato flakes to make potato soup - heat chicken broth, add potato flakes, onion, parsley, chopped celery, pepper.

Use in chicken or fish breading. Season flour with salt, pepper, paprika, seasoned salt, etc. Dredge meat in that. Dip in egg wash. Then dip in mix of half flour and half potato flakes. Deep fry or shallow (pan) fry.

Use potato flakes to thicken gravy, casserole sauces and stews.

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I think you've said it all!

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My husband doesn't really like potato flakes. When I am in a hurry and don't have time for the real thing I have found a way to make them tastier. I follow the package directions as to how much water/butter/milk to use. When I am heating the liquids either in the microwave or on the stove I add 1 packet of dry onion soup mix and heat that along with the water. Then I add the potato flakes once heated. I also use cheese melted on the top of this to dress it up a little. I have actually had him ask for these potatoes. Warning the potatoes will have a funny color due to the soup but they taste great.

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I use them to thicken soups and gravies and ocasionanlly use them for potatoes. I've found the easiest way (for me) to make mashed potatoes -- and within a few minutes.

Buy the potatoes in a can....they are 50 cents at the $1 and I've seen them for about 25cents at the discount grocery store. Simply heat up, mash and use them like like regular potatoes-- lumpy, smooth, cream cheese, cream, cheese etc. They work great and take about 4 minutes to put together.

I use these a lot for side dishes for my husband's know when you need something else when the leftovers aren't enough :)

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My kids, when they were young, prefered my instant mashed potatoes! (still do)

I use the butter (real) salt and pepper to taste and add, depending on the amount needed, cream cheese instead of milk or cream. You may need to experiment with the proportions, but, this is something you may really like.

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Thanks for taking the time to share your awesome tips. I will be trying some of them right away. I love this website with its many and varied tips and recipes.


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I use them to make potato bread. Much quicker and easier than boiling a potato for the juice.

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Well you guys need to try Idahoan instant potatoes in the RED box or bag. They are hard to find but they are EXCELLENT! If you prepare them like the box says, I SWEAR, you can't tell they aren't the real thing! I PROMISE YOU!

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I make some instant up ahead of time and make potato doughnuts with them. I also add sour cream and chives and a dash of garlic salt to them for meals.

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I do think that mashed potatoes made from scratch are better....have a richer more potato-y taste; however I make the instant quite a bit because it's fast and easy. We just had some tonight in fact. The kids definitely do not see a difference and hubby and me are just fine with them. I have used various brands and they are all about the same in taste but there is a difference in price. There is one I get at Wal-Mart. I thought it was Idahoan but I could be wrong. It says on the box that Pepperidge Farm makes them. Now tonght we had Hungry Jack and I did think it tasted a bit better...a little more potato taste. You can use the potato flakes as a coating for fried chicken; however I haven't tried yet.

My mother in law cooks for a big crowd every Sun and if mashed potatoes are on the menu, it's instant. She has to make so much that it would be a real pain to do from scratch. She is a real good cook too but in this case it's just easier to make a big batch of the instant!

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Here is my recipe for potato flakes. they taste really good for boxed potatoes.

Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes Using Instant Potatoes

The following are great when you dont want to peel potatoes. They freeze well in Ziploc bags too. My hubby couldnt tell them from the real thing. They really are tasty.

6  7 cups of instant mashed potatoes (according to package directions, but dont add butter)

(I use Betty Crocker Home-style mashed potatoes, I like their flavor best)

1  8 ounce cream cheese

1 - 8 ounce Sour cream

1/2 - 1 tsp. or more onion powder (to taste)

1/8  1/4 tsp. Pepper

Make potatoes according to box directions, but leave out butter. Add cream cheese, onion powder and pepper. Stir till incorporated. Add enough sour cream to make a nice consistency. If the potatoes seem too loose or not stiff enough, add a little more potato flakes and stir. If they are too thick add enough hot water and butter to make a good consistency.

Hint: I freeze instant potatoes in quart Ziploc bags. I lay them flat to store in freezer. When reheating them in the microwave after they have been frozen, they may seem like they are going to be thin and not nice when reheating, but stir and keep heating. The water will incorporate they will be nice. Just like fresh.

I have a recipe for make ahead mashed potatoes that are like fresh mashed that you make a couple days ahead like Thanksgiving. I will send it if anyone wants it.

Linda from PA

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I just add some powdered coffee creamer to them. It really makes them taste creamier and more like regular mashed potatoes from scratch.

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I use instant Potatoes all the time as they are fast and easy i put a bowl of water with pepper and butter in the microwave till butter has melted then i add the potato flakes i little at a time my grandkids love them as they have no lumps i make Potato salad out of them and everyone cannot tell the diffrence and i buy a big can of them at Wall-Mart and the name is Idahoan and they keep them on the bottom shelf there is so meny ways to fix them try them all or find new ideas

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Hi! Use a little less liquid than the recipe calls for and lots more butter, salt and pepper than it calls for. Use a hand mixer at low speed and you'll love them. Enjoy!

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I make a chicken parmesan recipe with instant potatoes -- mix equal parts instant potato flakes and parmesan cheese. Add garlic powder to taste. Dip chicken pieces in beaten egg, then roll in the potato flake/parmesan mixture. Place in a greased baking pan, drizzle with melted butter. Bake at 350 for 1 hour. Delicious -- and it smells SO GOOD as it's cooking!

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I haven't made "instant mashed potatoes" in years, but often use Idahoan (the best, IMO) to thicken my beef stew, chicken soup, etc. Also, try it in any recipe that calls for bread or cracker crumbs. It works great in salmon patties, meat loaf, etc.

There's a guy in the next town from me who sells hot dogs at his service station and he makes a 'meatless' chili for them out of potatoes (don't know if they're 'instant but that would work.). His dogs are pretty good and I was surprised to learn the chili contained no meat. Personally I much prefer my chili but this guy sells a *lot* of hot dogs so obviously lots of folks are impressed with them.

The main thing is: don't be afraid to experiment with them. There's no telling what you might come up with! Happy cooking!

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Substitute low-sodium chicken broth for water and add crushed clove(or two) of garlic to broth. Simmer garlic in broth for a few minutes before proceeding with recipe. Use white pepper instead of black.

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Hi Momel! I used to think Idahoan were the best instant potatoes until I tasted Natural Mash (or All Natural Creamy Mash). I used to insist on "real potatoes" because I could always tell the difference.....until I tasted Natural Mash. I honestly couldn't tell the difference between these and "real" mashed potatoes. We bought ours at Save Mart Supermarkets in Calif. If you can find them, try them. They're unbelievable!!!

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I like the Betty Crocker ones that come in little packages. The flavored ones are really good. I also add sour cream to boost up the flavor.

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A friend showed me this trick...she is a chef...When using instant potatoes and we use the potato buds...use about a tablespoon of mayonaise in them. I use that much is the 4 serving amount. There is something about the mayo that makes them taste like the real thing. Hope you enjoy!

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I would like to use betty crockers sour cream and chives potatoes in my meatloaf ....but not quite sure how i would prepare it ...could someone please help? my email is miss.consistant AT

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Potato Crusted Baked Fish

Mix together 1 pkg Idahoan Instant Potato with 1/4 cup Grated Parm/Romano Cheese, 1/2 tsp Garlic Powder, Salt & Pepper to taste. Cover fish with Mayo and Coat with Potato mixture. Spray pan with Pam, and heat Fish in 400degree oven 30-40 minutes depending on thickness of fish. Work best with Tilapia, Cod, Sole, Snapper or any Filet. Also works with Chicken Breast!

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I remember when my Mom first got potato flakes. Dad hated them, said he knew they weren't real potatoes, as they didn't have lumps. So next time we made them, I put in a tbs. of cottage cheese, and he thought they were real because of the lumps. Can instant potatoes be used for potato, peanut butter candy?

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Sour Cream is the trick. It makes the potatoes creamy. I also add a few tablespoons of half and half into the milk quantity. One last trick is to add a dash of nutmeg. YUMMMMY!

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Are potato flakes the same as instant potatoes?

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I need a recipe for making potato bread with instant potato flakes. I have searched the internet but all sites want me to "join" or give them my mother's maiden name, etc. I just want a recipe! Does anyone have this recipe? I have some flakes someone gave me - and want to make bread! Help! Squirrelly

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