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Buying Golden Harvest Canning Jar

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Where can I buy "golden harvest" canning jars wholesale?




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By (Guest Post)10/07/2008

The Christmas tree shops also carry them for .89 a piece.

By James (Guest Post)08/17/2008

I have been spending more than $7000 a year 0n Golden Harvest quarts and pints for the last 7 years. The problem is traveling to different Big Lot and WallMart stores in California to pick up what they have in stock, which is usually less than 12 cases of either size. Plus gas being as high as it is, travel just cost me more. The worst is I can't get them when I need them if Wall Mart or BigLots warehouses are empty, especially in the winter months, I am hurting for containers . Winter is the time when honey sales go up, which is what I put in the jars. I could buy plain jars very easily, but the dealers I sell to prefer canning jars -- so do customers!

Golden Harvest has a non-embossed side to place a label, most other company's jars do not. And they are always cheaper than other brands, even in the same store. Getting hold of the company seems impossible, surely they must have salesmen who take care of large wholesale orders, like a simitruck load. I hope I get an answer on this, even if you do not post it on this sight!

By Annette [10]10/31/2006

Have been looking for and unable to find the rubber rings used for canning jars. thanks

By Julie (Guest Post)10/23/2006

I don't know if it's considered wholesale, but I buy my Golden Harvest jars at Big Lots. I am from Grand Rapids, MI and we have a couple Big Lots stores in our area. I just checked and Big Lots has a store locater on their website: Last year they were $5.00/box, but they hiked the price to 6.50/box--I usually buy jelly jars, the quarts may be more. Also, I know that Dollar General usually carries them, but I'm not sure how much they are.

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