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Pattern For Miniature Christmas Tree Made With Pipe Cleaners

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Pipe cleaner tree.

Many years ago, while at a craft fair with my mother in law I learned to make a miniature Christmas tree from green pipe cleaners (or chenille stems for you language purists!). You started with a small block base with a thin dowel sticking up. Then you took a length of pipe cleaner (about 6" or so) and twisted around the dowel. But, and this is what made them look so real, before you twisted each length, you took about an inch long piece of cleaner and twisted it a bit down from each end (for branches). You used several lengths the same then decreased the length around the dowel to get the tapered effect.

Unfortunately I don't remember the details. I have one left (after having made many to give away) but don't want to destroy it to figure out the pattern. Does anyone know of these or have the instructions.

Melody from Oak Ridge, TN



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By (Guest Post)12/12/2007

Thanks meluvchris. This isn't the same tree but cute none the less. I will have to make this one too. I've been experimenting on getting the fuller tree I posted and am getting close. Thanks for helping out.

By melissa [13]12/12/2007 ... 12bfc22b4110VgnVCM1000003d370a0aRCRD
found this one on martha stewarts website!

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